CEERCenter for Engineering Education Research (Michigan State University)
CEERCenter for Energy and Environmental Resources (University of Texas)
CEERCentro de Estudios Economicos Regionales (Spanish: Regional Center for Economic Studies; Cartagena, Columbia)
CEERCouncil of European Energy Regulators
CEERCenter for Electrochemical Engineering Research (Ohio University)
CEERCatasto Energetico Edifici Regionale (Italian: Land Regional Energy Buildings)
CEERCentre for Energy Education and Research (Canada)
CEERCentro de Educación Especial y Rehabilitación (Spanish: Center for Special Education and Rehabilitation)
CEERCenter for Earthworks Engineering Research (Iowa State University)
CEERCenters for Excellence in ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Social Implications; Human Genome Project) Research
CEERCentres for Environment-Friendly Energy Research (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
CEERCivil and Environmental Reports (journal: University of Zielona Góra; Poland)
CEERCentre for Education and Employment Research (University of Buckingham; UK)
CEERRada Europejskich Regulatorów Energii (Polish: Council of European Energy Regulators)
CEERCenter for Energy and Environmental Research (University of Puerto Rico)
CEERCenters of Excellence in ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Social Implications) Research
CEERConcejo Empresario de Entre Ríos (Argentinian business council)
CEERCentre for Environmental Education Research (University of Malta)
CEERCenter for European Economic Research
CEERCentral and Eastren European Review (UK)
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El modelo CEER es un trabajo conjunto realizado por el Centro de Estudios Economicos Regionales (CEER) y la Fundacion Instituto de Investigacion Economica (FIPE) de la Universidad de Sao Paulo en Brasil.
Geografia economica de la amazonia colombiana", Documentos de trabajo sobre economia regional, Cartagena, Banco de la Republica, CEER, mimeo, 2013.
A turning point for initiating change came through CEER, which pooled and leveraged the strengths of a broader set of diverse partners consisting of people from a variety of racial/ ethnic and professional backgrounds.
Borg welcomed the initiative taken by the CEER and the European Consumers' Organisation (BEUC) to integrate social dimensions into the EU's energy policy by taking into account the needs of households.
Graduates have steady and personal contact with the CEER office via phone, e-mail, and fax
Of central importance to the success of the internal energy market is that efficient and competitive markets translate into real benefits for consumers," said Lord Mogg, president of CEER and chair of ACER's Board of Regulators, pointing to the recent launch of the 2020 vision' strategy in collaboration with the European Consumers' Organisation BEUC.
CEER is the voice of Europe's national regulators for electricity and gas.
The 2020 vision', explain the CEER officials behind the initiative, corresponds to the EU's target date for achieving 20% renewable sources in its energy mix.
CEER points out that in many countries the process of unbundling is underway, and it is still too early to assess the results.
1) CEER (Council of European Energy Regulators), EACH (European Association of CCP Clearing Houses), EFET (European Federation of Energy Traders), ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity), ENTSO-G (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas), Eurelectric Union of the Electricity Industry), Eurogas (European Union of the Natural Gas Industry), Europex (Association of European Energy Exchanges) and LEBA (London Energy Brokers Association).
The opinion was released together with the results of a consultation launched in 2011 by the CEER on the implications of non-harmonised renewable support schemes.
This wider cooperation, notes the CEER in a newly adopted report(1), should not be limited to discussions on regulatory issues but should also concern energy policy matters.