CEESIColorado Engineering Experiment Station Inc.
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The CEESI videos showed liquid entrained downstream in the recirculation area.
Therefore, NIST itself is responsible for the calibration of the large working standard turbine meters at CEESI.
This article records results of a joint NIST-CEESI project to provide flow measurement traceability of natural gas flows at the CEESI Iowa facility.
CEESI has a presence and reputation in the industry across the globe and after 50 years in existence, is a world leader in quality flow meter calibrations, consulting and training.
A graduate of California State Polytechnic Institute-Pomona where he would eventually earn his BS in mechanical engineering, he joined CEESI in August 2012.
To meet these demands, CEESI had to modify its facility.
CEESI has been actively monitoring and analyzing ultrasonic meter calibration results for a variety of purposes, including assessment of recalibration intervals.
By Casey Hodges and William Johansen, CEESI, Nunn, CO
6 beta ratio Venturi meter under test at the CEESI wet natural gas flow facility.
After the center was moved to the prairies of northern Colorado, it was renamed CEESI and operated as a non-profit research and testing facility until 1986 when it lost its non-profit status.
Keeping pace with the wet natural gas flow meter technological advances and the corresponding testing requirements has led CEESI to undertake two major expansions in the last four years.
The CEESI wet gas flow loop has a substantial test section length to allow for replicating a variety of field installations or to allow for multiple meter installations.