CEEVCentral European Encephalitis Virus
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Although serum samples from 34 (6.8%) study participants reacted in HIT with the WNV at titers 40 to 80, all of them also reacted with CEEV at titers similar or higher ([less than or equal to] 160).
CEEV General Secretary Jose-Ramon Fernandez called this a "disappointing" move.
Speaking to just-drinks.com, JosA(c) Ramon Fernandez, CEEV secretary general, said that once the plan had taken shape the wine producers would launch a plan, probably later this year (2007), "to work with local authorities and stakeholders to carry out broad based education on the effects of moderate consumption of wine." Beer producing companies took a similar line.
The EU wine industry committee CEEV says education should be at the forefront of policy and pledges itself to begin a campaign early next year to promote "moderation and responsibility" in consumption.
The EU has asked New Delhi to modify its customs and distribution systems following an in-depth enquiry requested by the European Spirits Organisation and the Comite Europeen des Entreprises Vins (CEEV - European Wine Industry Committee).
The European wine producers committee CEEV called it "positive," the European Spirits Organisation CEPS said the five priorities were "entirely consistent" with its own approach and the European Forum for Responsible Drinking, an industry group, said it applauded the Commission "for rejecting attempts to hijack the strategy by those who advocated a biased view of the evidence base."
This decision follows an investigation carried out in the framework of the European Union's Trade Barriers Regulation (TBR) at the request of the European Spirits Organisation (CEPS) and the Comite Europeen des Entreprises Vins (CEEV).
The wine industry, represented by the EU wine industry committee CEEV, said it would "take a leadership role in promoting moderation and responsibility in the consumption of wines, contribute towards preventing abusive and/or excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks, and co-operate effectively with the competent authorities and other relevant stakeholders in the prevention of abuse or misuse of wine." George Sandeman of Sogrape Vinhos, chairman of the working group on wine and health, said the committee was "convinced that there is a business case for a healthy Europe and that wine is a part of it".
Jose Ramon Fernandez Barrero, Secretary-General of CEEV (Comite Europeen des Entreprises Vins), whose organisation backs the reforms proposed by the Commission, indicated that some of the problems encountered by European wines might be avoided if labels "really explained the characteristics of the product".
In a debate on the Commission's proposal to allow wine-making practices such as adding wood-chips to EU-made wines, Jose Ramon Fernandez Barrero, Secretary General of CEEV (Comite europeen des Entreprises Vin) called for wine labels to "explain the exact characteristics of the product," to highlight wines with additives.
Its lobby in Brussels, the CEEV, broadly supports the in-depth reform proposed by the Commission.
The Board of Directors of the Committee of the European Wine Industry (Comite Europeen des Enterprises Vins - CEEV) has therefore decided to open the CEEV "to direct participation by European wine companies", according to a press release published on 8 May.