CEEWCommunication Effectiveness in Electronic Warfare
CEEWCentral and Eastern European Workshop
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Dr Ghosh further said, "In Chhattisgarh, CEEW found that solar provided a reliable power backup to PHCs, especially during peak load hours and after sundown.
CEEW and NRDC's report provides recommendations for the Indian government, private sector, and other stakeholders to ensure a robust CSP ecosystem develops to support the long-term feasibility of CSP.
The CEEW study comes on the heels of the National Mineral Exploration Policy, 2016 (NMEP) http://mines.
Dr Arunabha Ghosh, CEO, CEEW, said, To meet our economic and developmental goals, India will need to first focus on domestic exploration of critical minerals.
Arunabha Ghosh, CEO of CEEW, who also served as a jury member of the Climate Solver Awards.
Soumya Swaminathan, Director General, ICMR said: The collaboration with CEEW will bring together synergies between the objective of time to care as mandated in the National Health Mission (NHM) and clean energy as outlined under the National Solar Mission (NSM).
Arunabha Ghosh, CEO, CEEW, said, The collaboration with ICMR supports the systematic and productive advancement in national policies, regulations and actions to leverage solar energy for a social purpose: enhancing the quality of healthcare delivery at various levels of governance.