CEFCOMCanadian Expeditionary Forces Command (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
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Op KEEPSAKE has grown from an initial CEFCOM HQ in-house plan to recover the gifts and tributes sent into theatre to a recovery operation involving two operational commands and a Canadian Forces Directorate that are now tasked with recovering a diverse cross-section of mementos, artifacts and memorials.
For example, to staff CEFCOM and Canada COM we took people out off the office of the assistant deputy minister of materiel] (ADM (Mat)), we took people out of the headquarters down in Kingston, we took people out of the DCDS, we took people around the organization here at National Defence Headquarters and put them into those two organizations to give them a focal point that we never had before.
That's all they do, and then you have these other commands such as CEFCOM and Canada Command, which then use those same resources--and in some cases competing for those same resources.
What we have today is two operational commanders--Canada Command and CEFCOM.
With events such as the Olympics, there's going to be a demand for resources from both Canada Command and CEFCOM.
So in terms of headquarters structure, CEFCOM has an operations centre in Ottawa and a joint headquarters in Kingston?
In conjunction with and separate from Canada Command and CEFCOM, the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command comprises the elements of the CF that tend to work in the shadows.
Canada's special forces personnel can operate under Canada Command, CEFCOM or operate on their own missions.
With CEFCOM completely bogged down in Afghanistan, it was noted that it was unable to sufficiently pay attention to Canada's other foreign missions.
When I've given a taskforce to either Canada Command or CEFCOM, I essentially devote a part of my staff to actually work for Canada Command and CEFCOM to help them force-employ the special operations task force they have.
So if, hypothetically, there were a situation where both Canada Command and CEFCOM requested troops from you but there weren't enough to go around, who decides on where the troops are sent?
The IED threat is virtually impossible to completely eliminate, as the components to manufacture these devices are readily available through the open market, according to a briefing note provided by CEFCOM spokesperson Capt.