CEFECentre d'Enseignement du Français pour Étrangers (French: Center for Teaching French to Foreigners)
CEFEClean Energy for Eternity (Australia)
CEFECentre d'Entrainement à la Forêt Équatoriale (French: Training Center in the Rainforest; Guyana)
CEFECertified Expert Forensic Examiner (Lunarline School of Cybersecurity; various locations)
CEFECentre d'Etudes et de Formation en Écologie (French: Center for Studies and Training in Ecology; Belgium)
CEFECentre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle Évolutive (French: Center for Evolutionary Functional Ecology)
CEFECommission Emploi Formation Enseignement (French: Commission for Employment Training Education; various locations)
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The eBook has evolved over the years to become one of the required training aids for CEFE's School of Entrepreneurship, an online training school where graduates can become Certified CEFE Fellows in Entrepreneurship.
Informar de manera veraz y objetiva las actividades que se van a realizar y los resultados de las ya realizadas por parte del CEFE y demas organizaciones que involucren a los estudiantes.
Las actividades mas relevantes que ha organizado el CEFE en epocas recientes son: XVI Encuentro Nacional de Estudiantes de Enfermeria (2005), XVIII En cuentro Nacional de Estudiantes de Enfermeria (2007), y apoyo la organizacion del I Encuentro Latinoamericano y XIX Encuentro Nacional de Estudiantes de Enfermeria, realizado en la Universidad de la Sabana (2008); ademas, ha participado en la redaccion y creacion de los Estatutos de la Asociacion Colombiana de Estudiantes de Enfermeria (2006) y la formulacion del Plan de Accion de la Facultad de Enfermeria (2007).
La organizacion interna del CEFE es horizontal, con una mesa coordinadora y cuatro comites: Politica y organizacion, Curriculo, Identidad y liderazgo, y Cultura y deportes; esta integrado por 15 estudiantes de los niveles I al VIII de los programas de formacion de profesionales de enfermeria 934, 935 y 937, quienes se encargan de disenar, proponer y evaluar actividades estudiantiles segun sus objetivos especificos.
CEFE research, however, tends to be scattered across a wide variety of outlets, leading to no clearly defined body of knowledge.
A second concern is the emergence of undergraduate programs, which tend to differ from the research foci of CEFE scholars.
The body of CEFE research, however, is not adequate to support informed outreach activities.
Each student was visited four times during the 10 week student teaching period University supervisors had virtually no involvement with the placement of student teachers, training of public school supervisors or planning meetings or seminars for student teachers, as these activities were conducted by the CEFE Director.