CEFICConseil Europeen des Federations de l'Industrie Chimique (French: European Chemical Industry Council; EDI)
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Since its establishment and the incorporation of CEFIC the Social Dialogue Committee has been quite active.
99) According to the CEFIC policy, the transfer of technology by member firms should have the objective of aiming for "a level of safety and health protection equivalent to that achieved m the home faculties.
IPPIC and CEFIC maintain that a new SP is unnecessary, given that it duplicates the existing provision in section 3.
The new 'Directors' Contact Group' consists of directors from the European Commission, the European Chemicals Agency and industry associations CEFIC, Eurometaux, REACH Alliance, Concawe, FECC and UEAPME.
Recently, he played a key role in the CEFIC subsidiary REACHCentrum, which was established to launch REACH consortium management activities.
The "Safety and Quality Assessment System" (SQAS) is a standard introduced by the European Chemical Industry Council CEFIC and assesses the quality, safety and environmental compatibility for the transportation and storage of chemicals by logistics service providers.
The document is intended to help groups of chemical manufacturers and individual companies prepare REACH (registration, evaluation, and authorization of chemicals regulation) reports or other documents for regulatory purposes, according to CEFIC.
CEFIC argues that without major changes, REACH will precipitate cuts in output and jobs while imports of finished products would rise.
Giorgio Squinzi, CEO of Mapei Group, was elected President of CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Association.
amp;quot; According to Phil Hope, manager of the value chain team at the European chemical industry council CEFIC, " a lot of the unease in the auto industry over REACH disappeared last year when people realised that many of the substances were already on the GASG lists and had been addressed.
She has also been involved in negotiations on REACH with associations like CEFIC, VCI (German federation of chemical industry), the European Commission, and others.