CEFMContinuous External Fetal Monitoring (pregnancy)
CEFMCenter for Excellence in Financial Management
CEFMCertified Educational Facility Manager Program
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"After having been at the event I truly believe that we can eradicate the practice of FGM and CEFM; I think it is extremely important that we raise awareness of these subjects and not shy away from talking about them."
The Girl Summit brought governments, faith leaders, private sector and civil society organisations together to mobilise efforts to eradicate FGM and CEFM.
Despite the lack of evidence for its intended benefits, cEFM was used in more than 85% of births in 2002 (up from 45% in 1980), which is highly concerning.
It addresses the need to reduce women's exposure to unnecessary procedures, clearly outlines cEFM's risks and lack of benefits, suggests that high-tech options are not always better, and acknowledges that providers may use cEFM data to perform unnecessary C-sections.
The CEFM test evaluators concluded that integration with back office systems is crucial to achieve the full benefits of reduced data entry and increased data quality.
Capgemini's 2008 (17th Annual) survey reinforced the authors' CEFM conclusion about the criticality of data integration.
Seventy-one percent of the women who had an admission CTG had indications for intrapartum EFM according to the policy and 57% of these women went on to have CEFM. Of the women considered 'low risk', 37.5% had an admission CTG.
Documentation standards for use and management of fetal monitoring equipment: There were 95 episodes of CEFM. Analysis was based around the frequency of compliance with the standards for use and management of fetal monitoring equipment and CTGs i.e.