CEFPCentre Européen de Formation Professionnelle (French: European Center for Professional Training; Paris, France)
CEFPCertificat d'Etudes de Français Pratique (French: Certificate of Practical French Studies)
CEFPComprehensive Educational Facilities Plans (various locations)
CEFPCollaborative Evaluation Fellows Project
CEFPColorado Economic Futures Panel (University of Denver; Colorado)
CEFPCouncil on Economic and Fiscal Policy (Japan)
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The CEFP in Australia saw a movement in this direction with the establishment of new institutions and review processes that were not present in the design of its predecessor, the CPRS.
The CEFP aims to reduce Australia's emissions to 5 per cent below 2000 levels by 2020 and 80 per cent below 2000 levels by 2050 with the 2020 target corresponding to a reduction of 159 mega-tonnes (Mt) of C[O.
I concentrate on the EITE industries and argue that by protecting the profits of polluters, the CEFP delays the transformation of these industries to a low carbon future.
The CEFP, the Prime Minister's advisory body in Japan, was entrusted with crafting a plan for privatizing Japan Post's giant postal businesses -- including Kampo, the world's largest life insurer.
The issue is so sensitive that economic and fiscal policy minister Heizo Takenaka stopped short of referring to details of the day's CEFP meeting.
On the positive side, the CEFP outline addresses the need for a level playing field, however, it does not specify when a level playing field will be achieved," Keating said.
It is our hope that through intensive and constructive dialogue now, the CEFP final report will be improved.
Discussions on tax reforms have been separately made by the CEFP, the government Tax Commission and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party's powerful Tax System Research Commission.
Koizumi is also expected to instruct the CEFP at a meeting scheduled for Thursday evening to consider the compilation of the second antideflation package, which could feature tax breaks to spur economic activity, the sources said.
But the LDP's powerful Research Commission on the Tax System does not want the CEFP to decide on details of tax reform measures as it wants to have the final say in tax policy.
The CEFP, chaired by Koizumi, focused mainly on the policy to draft the fiscal 2003 budget at its Thursday meeting.
The CEFP is scheduled to finalize a policy paper on economic and fiscal policy in late June after drawing up a draft at its meeting Thursday.