CEFPCentre Européen de Formation Professionnelle (French: European Center for Professional Training; Paris, France)
CEFPCertificat d'Etudes de Français Pratique (French: Certificate of Practical French Studies)
CEFPComprehensive Educational Facilities Plans (various locations)
CEFPCollaborative Evaluation Fellows Project
CEFPColorado Economic Futures Panel (University of Denver; Colorado)
CEFPCouncil on Economic and Fiscal Policy (Japan)
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The CEFP in Australia saw a movement in this direction with the establishment of new institutions and review processes that were not present in the design of its predecessor, the CPRS.
7) Anuarios Estadisticos de cada Entidad Federativa, Anuarios Estadisticos por Entidad Federativa, BANXICO, CEFP, CENEVAL, Censos Generales de Poblacion y Vivienda, CONAPO, ENIGHS 1992 y 1994, INCESI, INDETEC, inee, INEGI, Informes Presidenciales, sat, SCNM, sep, sfp Sistema Estatal y Municipal de Bases de Datos y SNIE, entre otros.
El economista Jorge Vera Garcia, investigador del CEFP, fue responsable de elaborar este estudio de solo nueve cuartillas (que denominaron "nota informativa") que --reconoce-- es apenas un acercamiento al vasto campo cultural.
With respect to the results obtained by other studies of the Mexican case, our estimated elasticity is higher than that of CEFP (2009) and Cardenas et al.
According to the CEFP, Japan must "promote an 'inflow of brains' to help revitalize the economy" (Japan Times, 2002, p.
On June 26, CEFP compiled a report which outlines a basic framework for macroeconomic management and structural reform of the Japanese economy.
Sin embargo, a pesar de su creciente importancia, el FAIS ha sido poco estudiado y son escasos los reportes sobre su operacion y resultados; los existentes (Cejudo y Gerhard 2010; CEFP 2009; Wellenstein et al.
However, the farming and forestry sectors participate in the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) which is linked to the CEFP because industrial polluters can offset their obligations by purchasing CFI credits--that is, by purchasing reductions in carbon emissions elsewhere in the economy.
Parte del estudio se realizo cuando los autores trabajaban en el CEFP de la H.
The CEFP, if more muted than under Takenaka and more constrained by LDP politics, continued in a largely neoliberal direction.
Long-term fiscal projections by the Japanese government and the CEFP A projection by the CEFP examines the fiscal policy changes necessary to stabilise the public debt ratio through 2025 (Table 3.