CEFRICercle Francophone de Recherche et d'Information Carl Gustav Jung (French: Francophone Circle of Carl Gustav Jung Research and Information)
CEFRIComité Français de Certification des Entreprises pour la Formation du Personnel Travaillant Sous Rayonnements Ionisants (French: French Committee for the Certification of Companies for the Training of Personnel Working with Ionizing Radiation; est. 1990)
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Staff member (or its subcontractor) that will ensure these benefits will be entitled CEFRI category B.
The incumbent must have the required certifications and authorizations in force (APSAD, CEFRI b, Confidential Defence).
Provision of temporary staff, any qualification, particularly in the following categories: secretary, executive secretary, technician, CEFRI, engineer, CEFRI, accounting, security officer, buyer, assistant manager, archivist, foreman, chemist, manager, laboratory worker, receptionist, nurse .
Benefits require that the Holder has the certification CEFRI type E, regarding organizational arrangements made by the companies that employ Class A or B working in nuclear facilities.