CEFTCzech Educational Foundation of Texas
CEFTCentro de Estudos de Fenómenos de Transporte (Portuguese: Transport Phenomena Research Center; Porto, Portugal)
CEFTCompetitive Evaluation Field Test
CEFTCertified Electronic Funds Transfer
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And since that time, our endowment has grown to over two million dollars, and there is the possibility that CEFT will help us build the endowment to ten million.
The Bank is also present on the Common Electronic Fund Transfer Switch (CEFTS), for real-time bank transfers for payments within seconds and electronic payment by customers 24x7 and through 365 days of the year.
The resistance rate for Cef and Amo were 69 %, followed by Cefx and Ceft 51%, Gen and Tet 48 %, Str and Ofl 44%, Chl 34%, Nit 17%, Mer 10%.
2013), other studies have shown a preference for the Children's Embedded Figures Test (CEFT) (e.g.
In addition, the first initial molecule, InitS, is also considered to be a super molecule [6] for accelerating convergence, which is converted from the scheduling result of the algorithm constrained earliest finish time (CEFT).
Two drugs--dexpramipexole and ceft riaxone are in Phase III clinical trials with large numbers of patients receiving the drug or a placebo over the course of six months or more.
in Emergency and Elective surgery AZT CHL CIP COT CEF CEFT GE Microorganism S 2 1 3 0 2 2 1 Citrobacter spp.
The results indicated that resistance rate of antibiotics was in the range of 95% Penicillin (PEN), 82% Amoxicillin (AMO), 77% Cefazolin (CEF), 59% Ceftriaxone (CEFT) and Tetracyclin (TET), 46% Gentamicin (GEN), 32% Nitrofurantoin (NIT), 27% Cefoxitin (CEFX and Ofloxacin (OFL), 23% Streptomycin (STR), 19% Chloramfenicol (CHL) and 9% Meropenem (MER).
El objetivo principal de nuestra investigacion se centra en la busqueda de un modelo estadistico de estilos cognitivos, basado en las pruebas Matching Familiar Figures Test-20 (MFFT-20) (Buela, Carretero y De los Santos, 2002), Test de colores y palabras (STROOP) (Golden, 2006) y Children's Embedded Figures Test (CEFT) (Witkin, Oltman, Raskin y Kart, 1987), que permita predecir y diagnosticar el Trastorno por Deficit de Atencion con Hiperactividad (TDAH).
"California Basic Elements of ICT Digital Literacy Continuum of Skills (CEFT) (n.d.).
A semelhanca do EFT, uma pontuacao mais elevada no CEFT e sinonimo de maior independencia de campo.
Para la evaluacion de las variables relevantes en pretest y postest se administro la Prueba de Ejecucion Continua (prueba de cancelacion de la A), la Escala de Actividad del Nino de Werry y el CEFT, una adaptacion para ninos del test de Figuras Enmascaradas EFT de Witkin.