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CEGBCentral Electricity Generating Board (UK)
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NCB coal supplies to the CEGB built up from 300,000 tonnes per week in early April, to 450,000 tonnes by the end of May and to 650,000 tonnes by September.
The best performer is the publicly-owned French industry and the achievements of the formerly publicly-controlled CEGB in the UK were not particularly bad by international standards.
2 billion [pounds sterling], about 35 per cent of the capital value of the CEGB of 25 billion [pounds sterling].
The three privatised companies that took over from the CEGB have cut their combined workforce to 14,489.
The actual costs of Magnox programme can be obtained from a variety of historical sources: CEGB accounts and statistical yearbooks, and the reports of Parliamentary Select Committees are the most important.
The CEGB was responsible for maintaining the system's reliability--the freedom from blackout, brownout, or other interruptions to supply.
CEGB split into three companies: National Power, PowerGen and Nuclear Electric, although the latter still remains in state ownership.
The communications facilities which NP inherited from CEGB were based on a variety of computer systems from different manufacturers and were not compatible with an integrated corporate approach.
it was created in 1989 when the activities of CEGB Exploration (America) were combined with the acquisition of the Highland Uranium Project in Wyoming, U.
Developed for CEGB by Britain's General Electric Corp.
I may be a sentimental old "Hindsight Engineer" but I am more than ever convinced that the CEGB model of an integrated technically excellent generator, with a varied portfolio of plant running on a merit order for lowest cost, cannot be beaten.