CEGPCollege Editors Guild of the Philippines (student journalists)
CEGPCorporate Environmental Governance Programme (Hong Kong)
CEGPClose-In Extrasolar Giant Planet
CEGPCode Enforcement Grant Program (California)
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The CEGP said the mobilization was just a build-up action for the Black Friday protest on January 19 at the Boy Scout Circle in Timog Avenue, Quezon City.
The CEGP also claimed that several student publications and journalists have been experiencing harassment, red tagging and military surveillance.
The CEGP then called on campus journalists, media practitioners and organizations to unite and fight all forms of repression.
There she was told to stop joining CEGP activities because 'rallying' was part of its program.
The continuing harassment of CEGP officers and members and other student publications by the military is clearly a State-calibrated assault to sow fear among them and the entire studentry, in pursuance of President Duterte's counterinsurgency program, Oplan Kapayapaan, which encompasses psywar, combat and intelligence.
After slashing the appropriations of state colleges and universities (SUCs), "the Aquino administration still had the nerve to enforce hard labor among the students compelled to pay for their education through the nose," the CEGP said.
Apart from extorting money from the students through expensive tuition and other school fees (OSFs), it still wants to expropriate their labor-power," protested CEGP national president Marc Lino Abila.
But in CEGP I learned that there's more to life than ego, corporate position, material possessions, and insatiable financial greed.
In CEGP, I accumulated experiences and they made me older than I am.
The members of the CEGP cited the recent killing of Garcia and the snail-paced trial of the Ampatuan massacre which claimed the lives of 32 media workers.
The CEGP also condemned campus press freedom violations.
Casino was a student journalist at the University of the Philippines in Los Banos and served as national president of CEGP in the 1990s.