CEGRNCentral European GPS Reference Network
CEGRNCentral European Geodynamic Regional Network (plate tectonics)
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The CEGRN (Central European Geodynamic Reference Network) was established in 1994 in frame of CERGOP and CERGOP-2/Environment projects.
Name Total Number of Time Number of number used points span campaigns of points for analyses [year] over Slovakia CEPER 19-56 11 9.76 510 weeks CEGRN 27-95 6 13.14 9 SGRN 17-33 28 13.82 9 TATRY 13-23 18 10.02 12 EMO 14-22 11 7.75 7 Name From-To Length of [year] observing campaigns CEPER 2000.00-2009.76 permanent CEGRN 1994.33-2007.47 120 h SGRN 1993.66-2007.48 36-120 h TATRY 1998.67-2008.69 72-96 h EMO 2001.87-2009.62 48 h
The intraplate velocities based on CEGRN observations will be compared at the non-reference permanent sites where the ITRF 2000 velocities are available.
The number of observed stations included in CEGRN was gradually increased.
Summary with characteristics of solutions of eight epoch CEGRN observing campaigns processed at Slovak University of Technology is given in Tab.
Results of individual CEGRN epoch observations are obtained in the form of vector geocentric coordinates [X.sub.i] and their covariance matrix [[SIGMA].sub.i].
The estimated parameters--geocentric coordinates of CEGRN sites are denoted as Y and the respective site velocities as [v.sub.Y].
Those campaigns included the "CROREF 1996" and "BIHREF 1998", both under the auspices of the European Reference Frame (EUREF) project, the "Extended SAGET 1998" within the European Satellite Geodynamical Traverses project, as well as the Consortium for Central European GPS Geodynamic Reference Network (CEGRN) "CEGRN 99", "CEGRN 01" and "CEGRN 03", all within the CERGOP-Central Europe Regional Geodynamics Project.
Preliminary results of GPS observations realized within the CERGOP and CEGRN, as well as the GEOSUD, KARKONOSZE and SUDETEN programmes are mentioned too.
and Stangl, G.: 2002, Central European intraplate velocities from CEGRN campaigns.
Becker et al.: 2004, A Regional ITRF Densification by Blending Permanent and Campaign Data--The CEGRN campaigns and the Central European Velocity Field.