CeGSCentre for Guidance Studies (UK)
CeGSCenter of Excellence in Genomic Science
CeGSCorps of Engineers Guide Specification
CeGSCulturally Equitable Gateways Strategy (Australia)
CeGSCampus Eugenio Garza Sada (Monterrey, Mexico)
CeGSCapture Effect Glide Slope (US FAA)
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Campaigners are fearful that a consultation over proposals for the park will be one-sided because a new community engagement group (CEG) set up by those behind the regeneration scheme is allowing only groups, and not individuals, to take part.
However those in charge of the Park Life Project say the CEG is just one stage of the process and there are lots of other ways residents can have their say.
"We, as Friends of Walton Hall Park, are going to hold our own CEG where residents will not have to form a group.
While lowering CEG content does have some benefit, it also has some limitations.
Insofar as the federal regulatory programs concentrate on the fully regulated businesses, SQGs and CEGs were provided with relatively little assistance or technical advice on issues of waste management.
Concern for potential illegal activities and mismanagement of hazardous waste chemicals that could result in groundwater contamination, health effects, and environment degradation prompted the Benton County Environmental Issues Task Force to identify what hazardous waste management and disposal practices, among the SQGs and CEGs, were priority items.
In identifying current practices of hazardous waste management and disposal issues among the registered and nonregistered SQGs and CEGs in Benton County, Oregon, demographic data were gathered in cooperation with the state of Oregon, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the Oregon State Fire Marshal, and the Benton County Environmental Health Division.
For example, in 1990, King County's (Seattle) local plan called for twenty-nine percent of the budget for households and forty-two percent of the budget for CEGs to be spent on education.(100)
(111.) Small Quantity Commercial Sources (SQCSs) are similar to CEGs. The definition will be amended in the Code; [SQCS] means a business which generates less than 100 kilograms of household waste as defined in [40 C.F.R.
Carboxyl end group (CEG) content in the samples was determined by titrating a solution of the PET and PET nanocomposites in o-cresol/dichloro methane according to the ASTM D7409-07.
Figure 8 shows the variations of the CEG concentration with the reaction time for the different samples.