CEHNChildren's Environmental Health Network
CEHNCaisse d'Epargne de Haute Normandie (French: Savings Bank of Upper Normandy)
CEHNCentre d'Estudis de l'Horta Nord (País València, Països Catalans)
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To fill this crucial need, CEHN created a free online curriculum for health-care providers consisting of 12 modules.
By complying with at least 24 of 30 simple, low- to no-cost environmental health best practices, (32) early learning facilities can be endorsed as Eco-Healthy by CEHN for 2 years.
To expand the reach and impact of its efforts, CEHN has worked with two national accreditation associations, the Association for Early Learning Leaders (AELL) and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
The sample for our study consisted of child care facilities that submitted checklists to either OEC or CEHN from August 2008 through November 2011, which means that some of the facilities submitted 25-item checklists.
O-W: For the past decade, CEHN has played a key role in bringing together researchers from different disciplines, health care providers, policy makers, community leaders, and others to work collaboratively on child-protective programs.
On policy, CEHN was very influential in the implementation of the Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA), which still continues to be one of the best examples of federal health policy that is protective of children's health.
O-W: CEHN began over 15 years ago educating health care providers on children's environmental health issues.
Since its first scientific meeting, sponsored in 1993, CEHN has focused on connecting science with the national pediatric research agenda and with public policy.
This conference has led directly to new partnership opportunities for CEHN, specifically providing translation around key findings in pediatric research.
Nsedu Obot Witherspoon is Executive Director of CEHN.
After the CEHN workshop, the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine convened the Committee on Ethical Issues in Housing-Related Health Hazard Research Involving Children, Youth and Families.
It is within this context and background that the CEHN held its Workshop on Ethical Issues in Children's Environmental Health Research on 5 and 6 March 2004.