CEI-PEACenter for Educational Innovation-Public Education Association (New York)
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CEI-PEA is proud to take the lead in advancing these critical initiatives, which get at the heart of what works in education reform: improving the professional opportunities for teachers and school leaders, bringing educators together to help one another improve practice, and supporting community-based schools that are meeting the unique needs of their students," explains Sy Fliegel, CEI-PEA President and Gilder Senior Fellow.
In managing the project, CEI-PEA will work with the educational consulting firm JPS Solutions, LLC.
This issue includes: (1) Practical Skills & High Academic Standards: Career Technical Education; (2) Parents: Help Your Children Gain "Soft Skills" for the Workforce; (3) Culinary Arts Motivate High School Students; (4) NYC College of Technology Prepares Students for Jobs of the Future; and (5) From the Desk of: Sy Fliegel, CEI-PEA President.
5) Parent Resources; and (6) From the Desk of: Sy Fliegel, CEI-PEA President.