CEIBGConfederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria
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The CEIBG underscores that trade disputes between companies and the state are to be solved through talks or in court, and not in the media.
Therefore, the obligations of the state-owned National Electric Company (NEK) are no different than the obligations of power supply companies and there should be no discriminatory treatment," the CEIBG says.
The CEIBG also backs the demand of the Bulgarian Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers (BFIEC) for greater institutional sustainability in the energy sector.
The CEIBG cautions that the methodology for setting electricity prices is deeply flawed and will result in a sharp price spike and an unavoidable bankruptcy of NEK.
After the discussion, the CEIBG is to come up with a stance on the matter.
CEIBG executive director Evgeniy Ivanov met Wednesday with senior officials of power distributors EVN and CEZ, both companies being members of CEIBG, to discuss the mounting tension over energy prices.
During the talks, the parties backed the stance of CEIBG that the commercial dispute about energy prices was to be resolved by competent bodies such as watchdogs, the Commission for Consumer Protection, and the Commission on Protection of Competition, while all sorts of non-economic pressures were inadmissible.
The CEIBG further condemned the calls for the nationalization of power distributors, saying that they were a relapse into totalitarian thinking 24 years after the start of the so-called transition period and only served narrow party interests.
The CEIBG declared that the competent bodies were to decide how to handle the situation in a calm environment and after wide-ranging public debate in order to preserve Bulgaria's reputation as a country where the rule of law reins supreme.