CEIDRECentre d'Expertise et d'Inspection dans les Domaines de la Réalisation et de l'Exploitation (French: Center of Expertise and Inspection in Areas of Production and Operations; Electricité de France)
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Laboratory testing services in the field civil engineering and building on behalf of CEIDRE TEGG.
The need for the provision, installation, commissioning, maintenance of a scanning electron microscope with field emission gun nuclearized on behalf of CEIDRE Chinon
The benefit is a benefit of industrial logistics CEIDRE (93206 / Saint-Denis) - The management of local- Receiving and shipping packages- Shipping and receiving materials END- Product Management- Inventory Management- The distribution of workwear- Collection of hazardous waste- Business small maintenance building- Transport activity- Occasional transport (running errands)- The verification of hardware activity- Shipping and receiving materials for LAM- Shipping and receiving of goods other than those CEIDRE- Business small removals- Destruction following recommendations DCRI documents (extension of scope / market in progress)- Small maintenance jobs on the building (extension of scope / market in progress)