CEIICambridge Examinations and IELTS (International English Language Testing System) International
CEIICreative Enterprises International, Inc. (various locations)
CEIICommunity Enterprise Investments, Inc. (est. 1974; Pensacola, FL)
CEIICommunity Environmental Improvement Initiative (Trinidad & Tobago programme)
CEIICritical Energy Infrastructure Information
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The FAST Act required FERC to issue regulations aimed at securing and sharing CEII.
Such information would then remain undisclosed unless FERC's CEII coordinator decides otherwise.
Third, people receiving CEII must sign nondisclosure agreements--a provision that reporters would balk at.
FERC denied information on the routing of the proposed Greenbrier Pipeline to McCormick and Gini Cooper (whose land it would run across) even before it had officially adopted its CEII rule--on the grounds that this information might help terrorists.
Moving forward with an aggressive marketing and promotional campaign, CEII is implementing a broad and comprehensive advertising and marketing campaign, encompassing television, radio, print media and internet advertising.
To continue building New York market share, CEII has launched a multi-tiered, integrated marketing program that targets early innovators and key influencers.
In the coming months CEII will fulfill its existing purchase orders for multiple stranded well and landfill gas purification and liquefaction systems and continue to expand on its unique cryogenics expertise dealing with the production, storage, and distribution of alternative fuels.
For more information on CEII, please log onto our website at www.
AmSouth also is providing $20,000 in grants along with technical assistance and lending expertise to assist CEII with the Front Porch program in Pensacola.
CEII has earned an excellent reputation since being founded in 1974 by demonstrating time and again that its efforts can produce tangible results that create jobs and improve the communities in which CEII operates.
said CEII is excited about this relationship with AmSouth.
Identification of miR-21 targets in breast cancer ceiis using a quantitative proteomic approach.