CEJILCentro por la Justicia y el Derecho Internacional (Spanish: Center for Justice and International Law; various locations)
CEJILCenter for Justice and International Law
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But CEJIL and Comissao da Terra hope to establish a precedent that countries in the Americas can, indeed, be held accountable for slavery within their borders, given that the act takes place with relative impunity within national borders.
According to CEJIL, 50,000 people have been freed from slave-like conditions in Brazil since 1995.
La muerte de tres estudiantes y tres personas mas, y la desaparicion de 43, reitera la directora de CEJIL, es un asunto emblematico que "muestra a la institucionalidad cooptada y a esta cultura de los funcionarios publicos que, ante una impunidad estructural, dado que nada pasa, nunca son hallados responsables.
Jurisprudencia, normagtivay experiencias nacionales, Buenos Aires, CEJIL, 2007, pp.
74) A finales de los anos noventa, CEJIL se pronuncio en contra de dicho cambio reglamentario.
The group and CEJIL underlined that the reason behind the dismissals was to prevent the four from further signaling the CSJ for having supported the coup by, among other actions, describing it as a "constitutional succession," not a disruption of Honduran constitutional order.
In her presentation, CEJIL lawyer on Honduran affairs Marcia Aguiluz pointed out that all of the judges' rights were violated, including their rights to judicial guarantee, freedom of association, freedom of expression, along with all their political rights.
Founded in 1991, CEJIL is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with consultative status before the .
More recently, CEJIL announced plans to sue the Salvadoran state for its role in a five-day succession of massacres that took the lives of nearly 1,000 civilians.
Despite President Funes' clear support of the amnesty law, the CEJIL attorney maintains hope that the moderate leader could still make an about face.
Ariela Peralta, CEJIL, Seminario internacional sobre justicia transicional, septiembre 5 y 6 de 2006.
Desde Washington, donde tiene sus oficinas centrales el CEJIL, Krsticevic concede la entrevista telefonica.