CELCConfessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference
CELCCentre for English Language Communication (National University of Singapore)
CELCChrist Evangelical Lutheran Church
CELCCentro de Estudios de Lengua y Cultura (Argentina)
CELCChristian English Language Centre (Christchurch, England, UK)
CELCCutting Edge Landscape Curbing (Breckenridge, CO)
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The CELC is enrolling charter members now through October 1, 2016, with extended membership terms (18 months) available to members who join by June 30, 2016.
8220;This recent recognition by CELC will, by no means, mark the end of our efforts to progressively enhance the security of the cross border trade that Tecma Transportation Systems conducts on a daily basis.
As can be observed, the cell consists of a signal line in the conductor strip and a CELC etched in the ground plane.
That is to say, etched CELC inhibits the signal propagation at two resonant frequencies around 5 GHz and 7.
The exhibited phenomenon and working mechanism are certainly unlike those from CELC in bulk MTMs which only responded to the in-plane magnetic fields and in turn showed a pure magnetic response [7].
g] increases as h extends, the coupling between CELC and conductor line decreases, namely [C.
In conclusion, the results in Figure 4 afford us a complete understanding of the working mechanism of CELC in microstrip technology.
CELC Advisory Services will initially focus on three critical areas regularly scrutinized by regulatory and enforcement officials -- Federal Acquisition Regulation Compliance for U.
As part of the alliance, CELC Advisory Services will include both free and premium services.
De Grecia a la modernidad, que contiene las presentaciones plenarias del Cuarto Coloquio Internacional, que se llevo a cabo los dias 20 a 23 de junio de 2006 en la ciudad de La Plata, organizado por el CELC.
Seeking to help executives at large companies preempt compliance failures, the CELC undertook an extensive quantitative analysis of 245 variables to identify the key factors that drive employee misconduct based on a survey of 1,750 employees.
CELC Program Director Ronnie Kann says, "The research suggests that significant benefits accrue to organizations that are able to develop a culture of integrity.