CELDCenter for Education in Law and Democracy (Denver, CO)
CELDChicopee Electric Light Department (Chicopee, MA)
CELDCentral External Liaison Department (Chinese intelligence service)
CELDCorps of Engineers Directorate of Logistics
CELDCentre for Environmental Law and Development (Ghana)
CELDChristian Education and Leader Development (Presbyterian Church)
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The initiative, according to CeLD, creates a chance for every customer in Nigeria to win life-changing cash rewards every Friday night on the National CashToken draws which is monitored by Alexander Forbes and audited by Deloitte.
The amino acid sequence of Cel1A was found highly homologous (98%) with the third domain of CelD from N.
Cel1A and Xyn1B showed high sequence similarity to the CelD from N.
occidentalis) CL51Contig2 beta-glucosidase (Orpinomyces sp.) CL1037Contig1 beta-glucosidase (uncultured bacterium) NEF-17-1a-T3_C03 beta-glucosidase Cel1C (Piromyces sp.) NEF-20-2a-T3_C22 beta-glucosidase Cel3A (Piromyces sp.) NEF-11-3a-T3_F03 beta-glucosidase precursor (Piromyces sp.) Cellulase CL154Contig1 cellobiohydrolase II-like cellulase CelH (Orpinomyces sp.) CL458Contig1 cellulase Cel48A precursor (Piromyces sp.) NEF-24-3a-T3_H05 cellulase Cel9A precursor (Piromyces sp.) NEF-18-2a-T3_I04 cellulase CelD (N.
And while our cyclists, sailors and swimmers have saddled up and made a splash for glory that was beyond our track and celd contingent, Capello has already thrown a spanner in the spokes to drown the life out of our latest football dream.
As a result, this year CELD is organizing a session on Venezuela during its annual law conference for teachers.
Similar levels of variation were seen among plant introductions for both 24- and 96-h stem IVNDFD and CELD. Protein digestibility of stems, as determined by FDCP, was one of the more variable traits (range of 46% of the mean) among the plant introductions.
The four contemporary check entries differed only for leaf CP (WL 322 HO had higher concentrations than the other check entries), and stem IVDMD and 96-h CELD (Vernal was significantly more digestible than Saranac in both cases, data not shown).
Caddick had little sympathy for Kallis after forcing him to leave the celd with his elbow bruised, although the South Africans insist there is no serious damage.
If you want other examples of high quality office space in and around Lich celd, then rival office agency Kingston and Partners - joint agent for Park side Court - has some.