CELEXCommunitatis Europeae Lex (European Union law database)
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The corpus query is based on automatic extractions from LPD (Wells 1990) and the CELEX database (Baayen et al.
During training, input forms (i) were administered according to a function of their frequency distribution in CELEX, for 100 learning epochs.
We collected all monomorphemic words consisting of three or four syllables from the Dutch part of the CELEX lexical database.
By conducting a classification of 4086 of the English monosyllables in the CELEX database (Baayen et al.
The data is based on the first 4,919 samples out of 11,980 homophones from the CELEX database.
2001 ECJ CELEX LEXIS 2523 at *29 (indicating burden of proof is on parallel importer not trademark holder); id.
The OJ is also available on CD-ROM, and online via the CELEX database.
Junto con el articulo antes mencionado, se han llevado a cabo reformulaciones permanentes del proyecto original de la estructura del CELEX.
On 3 June 1971, the Council finally called for a feasibility study and by 1972, a first version of CELEX was operational.
This investigation was carried out by using a corpus of 11,383 monomorphemes extracted from the CELEX lexical database (see Baayen et al.
The word frequency measure used was the combined written and spoken count from the CELEX database, which is based on a large corpus of contemporary British English (Baayen et al.
The input for the CART analysis was a set of some 1700 monomorphemic stems extracted from the CELEX lexical data base (Baayen et al.