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In this Appendix, we also listed the frequency of the past tense form of each verb, which we define here as the number of occurrences of the verb stem followed by a past tense suffix in the Dutch part of the CELEX lexical data base.
The uncertainty of Cooper and Ross's claim stands in contrast to the relative robustness of the recent literature of domain-initial strengthening and the clear differences between initial and final segments found in our CELEX investigation.
We collected all monomorphemic words consisting of three or four syllables from the Dutch part of the CELEX lexical database.
The data is based on the first 4,919 samples out of 11,980 homophones from the CELEX database.
Inspecteur van de Belastingdienst, 2005 ECJ CELEX LEXIS
2001 ECJ CELEX LEXIS 2523 at *29 (indicating burden of proof is on parallel importer not trademark holder); id.
29) has made it clear that the CELEX corpus used by Baayen and Lieber (1991) is not entirely reliable for their purposes, since it does not include a substantial fraction of hapaxes, thus underestimating all productivity values.
6) and lemma frequency from the CELEX Lexical Database (2) (mean per million figures, subjects 30.
CELEX will own 51% of CII and the other 49% will be owned by the individual partners of Wireless Solutions.
Frequency information was obtained from the CELEX lexical database.
If the choice of linking morphemes in novel compounds were based simply on the distribution of the linking morphemes in the lexicon as a whole, one would expect speakers to choose not to use a linking morpheme in roughly seven out of ten cases: 69% of all compounds listed in the CELEX lexical database (Baayen et al.