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CELFClinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (language assessment)
CELFConsumer Electronics Linux Forum
CELFCentre d'Exportation du Livre Français (French: French Paper Export Center)
CELFCenter on the Everyday Lives of Families (University of California, Los Angeles)
CELFCentre Européen de Langue Française (French: European Center of French Language; Belgium)
CELFCertificat Élémentaire de Langue Française (French: Basic Certificate in French Language)
CELFCanadian Ethics Leadership Forum (corporate conduct management)
CELFChoice for Enlightened Living Foundation (New Jersey)
CELFCUG-BP (Cytosine-Uridine-Guanine-Binding Protein) and ETR-3 (ELAV (Embryonic Lethal Abnormal Vision)-Type RNA-Binding Protein) Like Factor (protein family)
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It is truly and honor for CELF to recognize these two tremendous organizations.
Accepted submissions will be incorporated into the CELF source tree, which will be released under the General Public License and publicly available at the CELF web site.
System size is one of the key areas of focus by the CELF, and we are pleased to have Matt join the group and continue working on this important aspect of Linux," said Tim Bird, CELF Architecture Group Chair.
spoken Spanish, our challenge was to develop a Spanish edition of CELF - 4 that could help clinicians serve a broad spectrum of Spanish-speaking students," said Dr.
The CELF is an open standards-based consortium of industry-leading companies aimed at encouraging adoption of Linux for the development of consumer electronics devices.
By incorporating as a not-for-profit organization, the CELF will be able to develop its activities in new ways.
The specification and implementation can be freely downloaded from the CELF website at http://www.
CELF represents an organization that has the ability to drive standards and industry momentum around Linux within the CE industry -- we are proud to be accepted among such leading companies as Sony(R), Matsushita(R), Philips(R) and Samsung(R) and look forward to being an active participant in CELF," said Michael Sanchez-Parodi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Silicon Motion, Inc.
Softier's demonstration at the CELF showcase and in booth #23302D at CES, will feature a real-time Linux operating system running concurrently with audio-video (A/V) streaming over IP network, A/V decoding and playback.
In fact, MontaVista Linux Consumer Electronics Edition (CEE), a fully tested and productized Linux platform, already incorporates most of the CELF 1.
This significant achievement marks the first stage of the efforts of the CELF," said Scott Smyers, chairman of the CELF Steering Committee.
With its innovative four-level assessment process, CELF - 4 provides clinicians with much needed flexibility to make fast and accurate diagnoses," said Aurelio Prifitera, publisher of Harcourt Assessment, Inc.