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CELFClinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (language assessment)
CELFConsumer Electronics Linux Forum
CELFCentre d'Exportation du Livre Français (French: French Paper Export Center)
CELFCenter on the Everyday Lives of Families (University of California, Los Angeles)
CELFCentre Européen de Langue Française (French: European Center of French Language; Belgium)
CELFCertificat Élémentaire de Langue Française (French: Basic Certificate in French Language)
CELFCanadian Ethics Leadership Forum (corporate conduct management)
CELFCUG-BP (Cytosine-Uridine-Guanine-Binding Protein) and ETR-3 (ELAV (Embryonic Lethal Abnormal Vision)-Type RNA-Binding Protein) Like Factor (protein family)
CELFChoice for Enlightened Living Foundation (New Jersey)
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Evaluation of submissions will be handled by the CELF steering committee, which currently includes appointed representatives from the eight founding members (two from Sony and Panasonic, one each from the rest), as well as the architecture group, which is headed-up by representatives of Sony and Panasonic.
The two companies are better represented within CELF thanks to their December 2002 partnership to work on enhancing Linux for home electronic devices, a precursor to the current CELF.
arguing that CELF needed to handle small orders as a public service obligation.
spoken Spanish, our challenge was to develop a Spanish edition of CELF - 4 that could help clinicians serve a broad spectrum of Spanish-speaking students," said Dr.
Like the earlier English edition, CELF - 4 Spanish uses a four-level process to evaluate all four aspects of language -- structure, content, use and sound awareness.
In fact, MontaVista Linux Consumer Electronics Edition (CEE), a fully tested and productized Linux platform, already incorporates most of the CELF 1.
CEE includes many of the technologies specified by CELF.
CELF was established in July 2003 with the aim of enhancing and promoting the Linux OS for use in CE products.
Renesas Technology has been an active participant in CELF, and has developed a prototype platform running a Linux OS compatible with CELF specifications.
Wind River is proud to participate in CELF as a way to continue driving open standards to meet our customers' growing demand for Linux in the digital consumer space," said Dave Fraser, senior vice president of products, Wind River.
We strongly support CELF in its drive toward developing and implementing standards for the use of Linux in digital consumer products.