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CELICompte d'épargne Libre d'impôt (French: Tax-Free Savings Account; Canada)
CELIChiesa Evangelica Luterana in Italia (Italian: Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy)
CELICleverlearn English Language Institute (Philippines)
CELICenter for Early Literacy Information (now Reading Recovery Council of North America; Worthington, OH)
CELIContinuing Education, Libraries and the Internet Project (South Africa)
CELICommitment Efficiency Leadership & Involvement (Quebec schools)
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With 19 years of real estate experience, Celi provides real estate services to much of Middlesex County specializing in all aspects of the field.
Dundee's partnership with CELI evolved over time, beginning with examining data to identify areas needing improvement and providing basic professional learning about literacy instruction.
This well-researched book treats the theologies of time found in the Nauigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis (an immensely popular, ninth-century Christian adventure tale) and in contemporary texts attributed to the celi De or "clients of God." The celi De have traditionally been thought to be ascetic monks who reformed Ireland's corrupt monasteries, but Rumsey demonstrates that no reliable evidence exists for such corruption nor for a celi De program to reform other monks.
The Celi De or Culdees, as the phrase has usually been Anglicized, have been understood by scholars as a monastic reform movement in the eighth- and ninth-century Irish church, a reform movement necessitated by the decline of Irish monasteries after the initial "golden age" and by the corruption in them introduced by local aristocratic families anxious to keep control of monastic lands.
Celi S.a.s has been in existence for more than 30 years, and in the past 10 has specialized in providing technical service to the graphic arts industry, plus after-sales support through Carlo Garancini.
Celi argued that Hoffman does not apply to claims brought under state law and noted that New York courts have allowed undocumented immigrants to bring personal injury actions.
Staying at CELI while taking up English language course keeps foreign students safe and far from being homesick.
The diverse group of mixed races and ages (from 8-year-olds to thirtysomethings) in baggy pants, midriff-bating tops and street shoes got a basic warm-up with lunges, torso undulations, shoulder isolations and sit-ups before Celi introduced Fatima, who looked ready to groove in a sequined tank top and tie-dyed hip-huggers.
The mayor's siblings, Councilor George Celeste, 56, and his sister Margaret Celeste, 62, tried to pacify Celi but the suspect challenged the councilor to a fist fight.
During the 1970s and 1980s Celi frequently came to Cebu performing solo or in duo recitals with Reynaldo Reyes who was also based in Maryland.
'We must underscore that the government has continuously pursued and is earnestly exerting efforts in implementing a unified approach involving all sectors to effectively deter crime,' Celis said in his speech during the kick-off ceremony of the 25th National Crime Prevention Week held at the Negros Occidental Multi-Purpose Activity here on Monday.