CELISACompetitive Enzyme-Linked Immunoabsorbent Assay
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Thus all neutralizing antibodies against to BTV were detected by cELISA test.
The serum samples were collected from the goats at 0 14 28 and 42 days post vaccination and processed for the antibody detection through cELISA.
Bluetongue virus infection in cattle and sheep with bluetonguelike clinical signs by IDVET cELISA and RT-gPCR, Belgium, 2006 * Test Cattle Sheep cELISA No.
marginale in serum were detected by MSP-5 competitive enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (cELISA) using commercially available Anaplasma Antibody Test Kit, cELISA (VMRD Inc., Pullman, WA, USA) validated previously by Urdaz-Rodriguez et al.
The cELISA was used for seroprevalence which is based on major surface protein-5, it has obvious advantage over other serological tests because of higher sensitivity 96% and specificity 95% for the serodiagnosis of anaplasmosis (OIE, 2004).
Milk samples from 200 retailers underwent cELISA test for AFM1 detection.
La sensibilidad analitica de la CELISA es menor de 0,9765 nM (31).
ID MPa Extraction Standard MS-1 MALDI-TOF MS WCX Heavy-isotope labeled synthetic hepcidin-25 MS-3 LC-MS/MS Reversed Heavy-isotope labeled synthetic phase hepcidin-25 MS-4 SELDI-TOF MS IMAC Synthetic hepcidin-24 MS-5 LC-MS/MS Reversed Heavy-isotope labeled synthetic phase hepcidin-25 MS-6 LC-MS/MS HLB Heavy-isotope labeled synthetic hepcidin-25 IC-2 cELISA None Synthetic hepcidin-25 IC-3 Dual mAb sELISA None Synthetic hepcidin-25 IC-4 cELISA None Synthetic hepcidin-25 IC-5 cELISA None Synthetic hepcidin-25 IC-6 cELISA None Synthetic hepcidin-25 IC-7 Direct CL ELISA None Synthetic hepcidin-25 Manufacturer ID standard Reference MS-1 Peptide Inst.
Both the pretest and subsequent ELISA tests were performed using a commercial kit (Malaria Ag Celisa, Cellabs PTY LTD, Brookvale, Australia) in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
Samples were analysed employing Rose Bengal Test (RBT), Competitive Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (cELISA), PCR IS711 and culture examination.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Avian Influenza Virus Antibody cElisa Kit to AHD.