CELISACompetitive Enzyme-Linked Immunoabsorbent Assay
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Thus all neutralizing antibodies against to BTV were detected by cELISA test.
The serum samples were collected from the goats at 0 14 28 and 42 days post vaccination and processed for the antibody detection through cELISA.
Bluetongue virus infection in cattle and sheep with bluetonguelike clinical signs by IDVET cELISA and RT-gPCR, Belgium, 2006 * Test Cattle Sheep cELISA No.
marginale in serum were detected by MSP-5 competitive enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (cELISA) using commercially available Anaplasma Antibody Test Kit, cELISA (VMRD Inc., Pullman, WA, USA) validated previously by Urdaz-Rodriguez et al.
The cELISA was used for seroprevalence which is based on major surface protein-5, it has obvious advantage over other serological tests because of higher sensitivity 96% and specificity 95% for the serodiagnosis of anaplasmosis (OIE, 2004).
Milk samples from 200 retailers underwent cELISA test for AFM1 detection.
ID MPa Extraction Standard MS-1 MALDI-TOF MS WCX Heavy-isotope labeled synthetic hepcidin-25 MS-3 LC-MS/MS Reversed Heavy-isotope labeled synthetic phase hepcidin-25 MS-4 SELDI-TOF MS IMAC Synthetic hepcidin-24 MS-5 LC-MS/MS Reversed Heavy-isotope labeled synthetic phase hepcidin-25 MS-6 LC-MS/MS HLB Heavy-isotope labeled synthetic hepcidin-25 IC-2 cELISA None Synthetic hepcidin-25 IC-3 Dual mAb sELISA None Synthetic hepcidin-25 IC-4 cELISA None Synthetic hepcidin-25 IC-5 cELISA None Synthetic hepcidin-25 IC-6 cELISA None Synthetic hepcidin-25 IC-7 Direct CL ELISA None Synthetic hepcidin-25 Manufacturer ID standard Reference MS-1 Peptide Inst.
Both the pretest and subsequent ELISA tests were performed using a commercial kit (Malaria Ag Celisa, Cellabs PTY LTD, Brookvale, Australia) in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
Samples were analysed employing Rose Bengal Test (RBT), Competitive Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (cELISA), PCR IS711 and culture examination.