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CELPCode Excited Linear Prediction
CELPCenter for Environmental Law and Policy (Spokane, WA)
CELPCatalina Environmental Leadership Program
CELPCOMSOC Experts Lecturer Program (IEEE Communications Society)
CELPCache-Enhanced Low-Profile (socket)
CELPCivilian Employment Level Program
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First, CELP argued that the EA's past project discussion was conclusory and filled with cross-references.
CEH remains willing to deploy capital to assist CELP in acquiring attractive assets that may be larger than what CELP can currently acquire independently, with plans to offer those assets to CELP as drop-down opportunities.
This potential purchase by CELP of the remaining 49.
CELP is a community-owned electric utility serving approximately 10,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Crawfordsville, Ind.
Preventive maintenance of escalators and lifts the CELP,
AMR and Midi/SP-Midi Features: AMR -- Compliant with 3GPP AMR Speech codec standard -- Support CELP, frame muting, and VAD etc.