CELSOCConsulting Engineers & Land Surveyors of California
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For more information about CELSOC and its various programs, visit the web site at http://www.
CELSOC is a 49-year-old non-profit statewide organization dedicated to enhancing the consulting engineering and land surveying professions, while at the same time protecting the public and promoting the use of private sector growth and development within the state.
They coordinate shared public and private sector responsibilities, and provide checks and balances that maintain public oversight, keep costs under control and complete projects as quickly as possible while maintaining high quality levels," said Paul Meyer, Executive Director of CELSOC.
CELSOC is currently sponsoring AB 1261 (Caballero - D, Salinas), a bill that would clarify the rules for local agencies to use public-private partnerships to build local infrastructure.
For PECG to release a statement condemning PPPs as a "proven failure" is utterly misleading and ignores the success of PBIs and their ability to provide needed infrastructure without raising taxes," said Paul Meyer, executive director of CELSOC.
The engineering and surveying firms represented by CELSOC stand ready to assist the state with its huge workload by helping to deliver projects on time and within budget.
Click here to review the Supreme Court's ruling in CELSOC v.
CELSOC is a 52-year-old statewide association representing 1,200 private consulting engineering and land surveying firms.
The passage of the bonds is a huge success for California and symbolizes the desire of voters to improve our infrastructure system," said CELSOC Executive Director Paul Meyer.
CELSOC is a 52-year-old, nonprofit association representing 1,200 private consulting engineering and land surveying.
CELSOC encourages the Governor and Legislature to fully authorize agencies to utilize the most modern and advanced project delivery techniques available.
Said CELSOC Executive Director Paul Meyer, "Engineering, surveying and environmental consulting firms are ready, willing and able to help deliver the state's infrastructure bond projects as quickly and effectively as possible.