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CELTSBoston Celtics (basketball club)
CELTSCenter for Excellence in Learning Through Service (Berea College; Berea, KY)
CELTSCentre for the Enhancement of Learning, Teaching and Scholarship (University of Canberra, Australia)
CELTSCoherent Emitter Locator Targeting System
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Alana McConalogue, chairperson of the Arabian Celts, was beaming with pride at the club's achievements.
The economic power of Celts in the Slovak area was to a considerable extent based on using natural resources, especially gold, silver and iron.
" The first game in the Pat Sanders Cup saw hosts Mold Magic put inconfident performance against Caernarfon Celts, winning 93-61.
In "The Coming of the Celts, AD 1860: Celtic Nationalism in Ireland and Wales", Caoimhin De Barra (Assistant Professor of Irish Studies at Drew University) focuses on nationalists in Ireland and Wales between 1860 and 1925, a time period when people in these countries came to identify themselves as Celts.
The host of the seminar , Chairman CeLTS Dr Ghulam Ali said, 'Language is the most powerful means of expression.
The Celt Experience, one of Wales' most popular and best-known craft breweries, is coming back.
* Celts also believed that the presence of returning spirits was helpful to Celtic priests, or the Druids and that their visage allowed the Druids to predict the future.
That set up a tense finale but Doohan stood firm and Celts could even have nicked it at the end when Josh Kerr's header was tipped away by Franz Langhoff.
The Celt Experience, based in Caerphilly, was set up after founder and owner Tom Newman gave up his day job as a water industry engineer in 2003 to make his way in the brewery trade.
But despite an amazing haul of bronze artefacts which prove the marauding Celts also liked their bling, Neil - who's more Age of Aquarius than Iron Age - is far more interested in the ancient faecal remains left in a Celtic salt mine in Austria.
Locally based Arabian Celts G club will be represented by six teams on the day, with the Arabian Celts senior team, the Arabian Legends and the Arabian Celts All Stars battling it out in the men's football competition.
WALES DRAGONHEARTS SQUAD: Emmanuelli (Valley Cougars), Carleton (Cardiff Demons), Luckwell (Cougars), Meredith (Newport Titans), Harrison (Conwy Celts), Stockton - (Celts), Lloyd (Prestatyn & Rhyl Panthers), D Davies (Cougars), True (Demons), Sheridan (Celts), Wottan (Cougars), Gregson (Celts), Scrivens (Torfaen Tigers), Carter (Cougars), G Davies (Tigers), Price (Cougars), R Davies (Bonymaen Broncos), Tillie (Panthers), Lee Davies (Celts), Sanigar (Cougars), Quick (Demons), Dallimore (Demons), Lavender (Titans), Britton (Cougars), Hadley (Tigers), Liam Davies (Tigers).