CELVCentre Européen pour les Langues Vivantes (French: European Center for Modern Languages)
CELVCentre Européen des Langues Vivantes (French: European Center for Modern Languages)
CELVComplementary Expendable Launch Vehicle
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Finally, he appealed directly to Beggs for NASA acceptance of the CELV program.
Limitations on the CELV backup sought by DoD were no longer valid.
Such a claim is hard to document specifically, and derives from the author's experience as part of the continuing discussions between NASA and the Air Force as part of the Air Force Secretariat Office of Space Plans and Policy, and can be found throughout the time period in media articles in the New York Times, Aviation Week and Space Technology, and as evidenced by the exchange of letters from Congress, cited above, concerning the different views of the "real intent" behind the Air Force's CELV effort.