CEMACCommunauté Économique et Monétaire de l'Afrique Centrale (Central African Economic and Monetary Community)
CEMACChampion Eyes Martial Arts Center (Oceanside, CA)
CEMACCrisis & Emergency Management Center
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The monetary authority has reiterated the commitment to reactivate the economy and invite the IMF to execute the program in accordance with the decision taken at the Conference of Heads of State of the CEMAC, which took place in December 2016.
Nchama's appointment was a success for Equatorial Guinea in its long quest to boost its influence in CEMAC.
a This statement of Central African countries, CEMAC members, consolidates Morocco's efforts, through the initiative of autonomy, to bring the Sahara issue out of the impasse and help find and a definitive political solution to this regional dispute that puts at risk the future of the desired Maghreb and African integration.
MATA : <<Une analyse comparative des conditions et niveaux de vie des menages dans l'espace CEMAC.
Equatorial Guinea has also played a more active role in regional politics and has hosted several summits, including that of the heads of states of the CEMAC in June 2002.
Following years of decline, the capital is now being renovated on the back of the boom, with Atepa Tech (Senegal) building a conference centre to host the next CEMAC (Central African Economic and Monetary Community) Summit in May, Ageco (Yugoslavia) relaying roads, and Incat (United Kingdom) building bridges and dams.
We do not understand that our country, being a member of the CEMAC, five countries of the subregion already have a program with the fund except for Equatorial Guinea, which wants to impose measures that are not in accordance with reality.
The largest economies in each zone-Cameroon and Gabon in CEMAC, CAaAaAeA te D'Ivoire and Senegal in WAEMU--would see the debt burdens increase significantly.
Summary: With significant natural resources, the most-diversified economy in the region and a modernised infrastructure, Cameroon is the largest economy in the CEMAC region, and arguably the most-attractive country as a destination for investment.
CEMAC decided to assign command of this unit to Cameroon, through Cameroonian Brigadier General Tumenta Chomu Martin, who was appointed by President Paul Biya--an indication of the importance accorded to Cameroon on security matters.
Les resultats de ces groupes de travail seront la base d'un [beaucoup moins que]Manifeste Citoyen[beaucoup plus grand que] qui parviendra aux dix plus grandes entreprises dans chaque pays de la CEMAC ainsi qu'aux chefs d'Etat.
Selon un article de presse intitule "le Maroc, premier investisseur africain dans la zone de la CEMAC et de l'UEMOA", repris recemment par nombre de magazines et de sites electroniques africains, le Royaume est actuellement en phase de negociation pour la conclusion d'accords de partenariats strategiques, incluant la mise en place progressive de zones de libre-echange, avec la CEDEAO et la CEMAC.