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CEMAGREFCentre d'etude du Machinisme Agricole du Génie Rural des Eaux et Forêts
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During the 2002 ASAE meeting in Chicago, a former professor from Laval University, the head of the agricultural and food engineering department, and I were discussing my research program at the University of Saskatchewan and the similarities of research interests at Cemagref.
Contact: Pierre Grenier, Cemagref, BP 5095, 34033 Montpellier Cedex 1, France.
To speed things up, Rennes-based Cemagref, a French public research institute devoted to agricultural and environmental engineering, joined Edixia, an industrial vision specialist in Vein Sur Seiche, and the Interprofessional Committee for French Turkeys in Mordelles to develop a digital imaging system that can characterize the quality of as many as 3,000 turkeys an hour.
The French company CEMAGREF have worked with the visual control specialists Edixia as well as the Interprofessional Committee for French Turkeys to create a new digital imaging system for evaluating the quality of batches of turkey carcasses.
According to Michel Vennetier, a specialist in forest ecology at Cemagref, the Provencal forest is expanding at about 10,000 hectares a year.
He served his apprenticeship at Robotic in CEMAGREF, the French National Center of Mechanical Engineering, renowned for research and development in the field of integrated equipment.
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Landscapes: from knowledge to action, Cemagref, Bourdeaux.