CEMARCenter for Ecosystem Management and Restoration (Oakland, CA)
CEMARCentre for Environmental & Molecular Algal Research (University of New Brunswick)
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Neste grupo podemos citar a CEAM, responsavel pelo fornecimento de energia no estado do Amazonas, e a CEAL, que atua no estado de Alagoas e a CEMAR que recentemente esteve sob intervencao da Agencia Nacional de Energia Eletrica - ANEEL, uma vez que apos prejuizos sequentes e insolvencia declarada foi devolvida ao poder concedente pelo socio privado controlador.
910431 TABELA 3 Estimadores dos Fatores de Progresso Tecnologico Randon-Effects Fixed-Effects (GLS) CEAM -2,39 97,78 CEMIG -0,42 108,35 CENF -0,30 100,29 ENERGIPE -0,25 103,26 ENERSUL -0,18 104,07 CEB -0,16 104,57 CEAL -0,08 103,80 COSERN -0,08 104,15 ESCELSA -0,05 105,70 CEMAR -0,06 104,05 CELG 0,03 105,76 COELCE -0,03 105,48 SAELPA -0,01 103,87 CEMAT 0,01 104,23 COELBA 0,07 106,60 CELESC 0,05 106,83 CFLCL 0,06 102,51 ELETROACRE 0,11 100,87 CELPE 0,09 106,15 COPEL 0,12 107,48 CELPA 0,16 104,87 CERON 0,20 102,99 CEPISA 0,29 103,52 CERJ 0,35 106,39 CESP 0,52 107,38
Part of the aim of Cemars is to reduce energy consumption.
To achieve Cemars certification--Thales UK will be audited on its performance in January--reduction of emissions should be greater than 3% each year.
The recognition by the Environment Agency of CEMARS certification on May 14th 2010 as a CRC Early Action Metric has resulted in press releases by parties other than Achilles about CEMARS certification.
In summary, CEMARS certification helps organisations with their long-term carbon measurement, management and reduction.
MIKE: CEMARS certification formally recognises CHEP's effectiveness in measuring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and our ability to identify, prioritise and manage GHG emission reduction activities.
CEMARS gives us an external validation of our sustainable business practices, something customers seek when signing new contracts.
Landcare Research's carboNZero and CEMARS programmes, for example, are internationally recognised greenhouse gas (GHG) certification schemes--commonly referred to as 'carbon footprinting'.
Businesses can now use CEMARS and carboNZero certification to show that their product footprint is in accordance with PAS 2050 including GHG emissions reduction and offsetting activities and thus demonstrate environmental leadership and further convince their customers with the most credible evidence that their efforts to manage carbon emissions are effective and carry substance.