CEMBMike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business (est. 2003; Belmont University; Nashville, TN)
CEMBCentre of Excellence in Marine Biology (University of Karachi)
CEMBCouncil of Ex Muslims of Britain (London, UK)
CEMBCollege of Entertainment & Music Business (est. 1971; Belmont University; Nashville, TN)
CEMBConsell Escolar Municipal de Barcelona (Spanish: Municipal School Council of Barcelona)
CEMBCentro Educacional Mantica Berio (Chinandega, Nicaragua)
CEMBCivilian Executive Management Board
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1990 CSChE membership, at 1,400, represents 9% of the 15,580 Canadian graduate chemical engineers according to the 1986 census data,[3] but 32% of the registered chemical professional engineers according to the CEMB 1988 data.
The 50/40 technical pool/management ratio was observed for university qualified Members of the CIC in the 1989 employment survey and for the Canadian engineering community data provided in the 1989 CEMB report.
For comparison the CEMB reported that 78% of Canadian professional engineers hold bachelor degrees and only 19% hold graduate degrees.
Figure 5 compares the Institute's regional membership distribution to that for the 1988 Canadian population figures and the 1988 CEMB data.
When a customer purchases one of these lifts, CEMB will send a technician out to install the machine and teach them how it works," said Hellweg.
The matter was between CEMB and Ministry of Health.
Dr Riazuddin informed the Committee the Health Ministry had not only approved the Interferon produced by the CEMB, but also sanctioned funds for the purpose.
The seminar was jointly organized by NAYS Pakistan and CEMB, University of the Punjab.
Muhammad Idrees from CEMB gave his presentation on the changing epidemiology pattern and frequency distribution of HCV in Pakistan.
Available technology products in the market including Monsantos single-gene Bt, CEMB single-gene and double-gene Bt, Chinese fusion gene Bt and double-gene Bt, Monsantos double-gene Bt (BG II), Roundup Ready and Roundup Ready (RR) Flex and BG II x BR Flex Stack Agriculture Secretary Punjab Dr Arif Nadeem said the negotiations are also focusing on availability of drought resistance variety from Monsanto by 2018.
LAHORE, November 11, 2009 (Balochistan Times ): Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Muhammad Azam Khan Swati expressed the resolve to look after and speed up the process for the launching of the research products of the CEMB in the market.
Four other varieties were developed by public sector research institutions, including FH-113 by a Punjab government research facility, IR-1524 by National Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIBGE) Faisalabad, and CEMB 1 and 2 by Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB) Lahore.