CEMHCentre for the Economics of Mental Health (London, England, UK)
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The PCRA reflects network fault information received from the CEMH to network topology information and has a VC reservation table with control/data plane status information for each primary and backup VC managed with ResvID.
The GUMH notifies the CEMH of the fault link information and the CEMH requests the PCRA to renew the network topology and the primary VCs' data plane status in the VC reservation table.
On occasion, if a serious suicide attempt took place, CEMH staff participated in "forensic autopsies," in which medical, mental health, security and other staff reviewed and analyzed the attempt to determine what happened, if there were warning signs and if staff did all they could.
In early 1998, Beaufort staff met with CEMH administrative staff, who expressed concerns about being able to deliver the same level of services they previously had.