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CEMICenter for Experimental Music and Intermedia (University of North Texas, Denton, TX)
CEMIChair of Economics and Management of Innovation (Lausanne, France)
CEMICentral European Management Intelligence (Budapest, Hungary)
CEMIConsortium for Electromagnetic Modeling and Inversion (University of Utah; Salt Lake City, UT)
CEMICentre d'Étude des Modes d'Industrialisation (French: Modes of Industrialization Study Center)
CEMICentre for Enterprise and the Management of Innovation (University College London; London, England, UK)
CEMICentre d'Enseignement Musical Intercommunal (French: Intercommunal Music Teaching Center)
CEMICentre des Études Méditerranéennes et Internationales (French: Center for Mediterranean and International Studies; Tunisia)
CEMICommunications-Electronics Maintenance Instruction
CEMICentre vangélique Missionnaire International (French: International Evangelical Missionary Center)
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Evidence is present even at very early PPN sites like Hallan Cemi (with a main occupation between 9660 and 9320 cal BC, comp.
It is not surprising, therefore, that as increasingly competitive Taino chiefdoms were emerging, the calibre of sculpture production was beginning to escalate as well, including pieces that in their scale and drama had impact on the entire community (small sculptures, such as the Loma de Polo cemi, which easily fits in the palm of the hand, may have been more personal--but no less potent-items).
These cemi idols were condemned by missionaries, but regarded by many, from the sixteenth century to the present, as extraordinary works of art.
The rarity of portable political-religious icons, such as lithic rings or three-pointed cemis, is intriguing.
We look forward to expanding our long standing relationship with Enogex," said CEMI President Jim Johnson.
A good baseline is Hallan Cemi, a sedentary hunting-gathering site in eastern Anatolia, where display of an aurochs skull and arrangement of wild sheep crania may reflect animal sharing, while concentrations of almonds suggest small-scale plant storage and/or consumption (Rosenberg et al.
Last January, CEMI received a $15-million grant from the federal government's Business-led Networks of Centres of Excellence program to pursue research to make ultra-deep mining - deeper than 2.
Rosenberg & Redding present an interesting argument for the existence of feasting at Hallan Cemi (Turkey), based partly on the highly decorated ground stone tools and vessels there.
Other aspects of the rapid development system envisioned by CEMI still being researched include a continuous mucking solution, a redesigned jumbo with a third boom for explosives loading and a narrow crusher which would be installed at some point along a still to be determined material conveyance system.
39: to carved stone vessels should now be added those from PPNA Hallan Cemi in Anatolia (Rosenberg & Davis 1992).
During Late Natafian times we note in southeast Turkey early villages such as Hallam Cemi (Rosenberg & Davis 1992) that herald the beginning of the Neolithic.
Hoverbarges, which travel on a cushion of air, can carry hundreds of tonnes of material year-round, unlike ice roads, which can only be used seasonally, according to CEMI president Doug Morrison.