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CEMICenter for Experimental Music and Intermedia (University of North Texas, Denton, TX)
CEMIChair of Economics and Management of Innovation (Lausanne, France)
CEMICentral European Management Intelligence (Budapest, Hungary)
CEMIConsortium for Electromagnetic Modeling and Inversion (University of Utah; Salt Lake City, UT)
CEMICentre d'Étude des Modes d'Industrialisation (French: Modes of Industrialization Study Center)
CEMICentre for Enterprise and the Management of Innovation (University College London; London, England, UK)
CEMICentre d'Enseignement Musical Intercommunal (French: Intercommunal Music Teaching Center)
CEMICentre des Études Méditerranéennes et Internationales (French: Center for Mediterranean and International Studies; Tunisia)
CEMICommunications-Electronics Maintenance Instruction
CEMICentre vangélique Missionnaire International (French: International Evangelical Missionary Center)
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Paradiso puede resumirse como la narracion de las experiencias de Jose Cemi, con su familia, en la universidad, con sus amigos Fronesis y Focion, y con el que sera finalmente su maestro, Oppiano Licario.
CEMI said the canopy prototype underwent rigorous testing at MTI's underground test mine site to determine its functionality and strength.
Oliver underscores the vital nature of cemiism to the social order when he notes that, "For living caciques to govern effectively, they had to maintain control of an appropriately powerful contingent of cemi icons, those with tested reputations and with legendary status" (p.
Es la voz de Licario quien dicta el camino a Cemi, templarse bajo el "estilo hesicastico, o del equilibrio animico", "Cemi corporizo de nuevo a Oppiano Licario.
CEMI engaged Labreque Technologies to perform simulation analysis to estimate the amount of time saved by using the canopies.
While the CEMI initiative is ahead of the curve, companies eventually may have no choice but to become more stringent in addressing the problem of underground emissions.
It's holistic because the research and innovation opportunities will encompass a greater spectrum of considerations than the technical aspect of mining, explained CEMI president and CEO Peter Kaiser.
It's an approach also being adopted by CEMI, which now has a policy of using mines as living geo-science laboratories, or "deep mine observatories" of sorts.
Instead, CEMI needs to take a broader perception to truly shine, he says.
FedNor looks awful and ineffectual, Tony Clement looks spiteful, Rick Bartolucci looks clumsy, and Peter Kaiser, the executive director of CEMI, looks hopelessly naive by calling the federal government "arrogant" for not giving him his money.
The minister responsible for FedNor, Tony Clement, has decided not to fund CEMI.
CEMI was one of 110 national applicants eligible to tap into $165 million pool of federal funding to create Centres of Excellence in Commercialization and Research.