CEMOPLAFCentro Medico de Orientacion y Planificacion (Spanish)
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In Ecuador, where mobile technology is inexpensive and widespread, CEMOPLAF employs some mobile and computer-based technologies.
At CEMOPLAF the youth programme attracts new clients to health centres, generating income to cover programme costs, and expenses are integrated into health centre budgets.
At CEMOPLAF, supportive health centre directors foster thriving programmes, while sites with unsupportive directors struggle and often fold.
CEMOPLAF found that successful Coordinators are dedicated to working with youth.
CEMOPLAF is piloting a system whereby Youth Peer Providers ask peers to complete annual satisfaction surveys.
In 2008-2009 volume at CEMOPLAF dropped precipitously when new customs regulations led to a shortage of oral contraceptive pills.
In rural areas, CEMOPLAF has collaborated with trusted organisations to facilitate implementation, as well as conducted door-to-door home visits before starting contraceptive services.
First, in 2004, Planned Parenthood Global conducted an evaluation of both CEMOPLAF and AMNLAE Youth Peer Provider programmes to identify long-term benefits of programme participation, specifically health behaviours and outcomes.
Second, from 2007-2009, CEMOPLAF carried out an evaluation of their programming across Ecuador utilising the Most Significant Change Technique, (26) collecting 92 interviews in a qualitative, participatory evaluation process to assess programme impact.
The impact of the CEMOPLAF programme on contraceptive use was supported by the qualitative evaluations, where six per cent of respondents noted, unprompted, a decrease in teen pregnancy in their communities as a result of the Youth Peer Provider programme.
"In these four years I have [watched] them, I have seen them grow not only physically, but also in their emotional and intellectual maturity, in being responsible, and in behaving responsibly." (CEMOPLAF staff member)
At CEMOPLAF they taught me not only what a contraceptive is, they taught me to love myself and respect my body, my feelings, and above all, my thoughts." (Female Youth Peer Provider)