CEMSACertified Environmental Management Systems for Agriculture (Iowa Soybean Association)
CEMSACapillary Electrophoresis Mobility Shift Assay
CEMSACompetitive Electropho Retic Mobility Shift Assay (biotechnology)
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Aspectos metabolicos del crecimiento y desarrollo de las plantulas de platano (CEMSA 3/4) micropropagadas en biorreactores de inmersion temporal (BIT).
Publicacion Cultivar Grupo Biorreactor Aragon et al 2006 CEMSA 3/4 AAB BIT Aragon et al 2010b CEMSA 3/4 AAB BIT Aragon et al 2010a CEMSA 3/4 AAB BIT Aragon et al 2014 CEMSA 3/4 AAB BIT Perez et al 2012 FHIA 18 AAAB BIT Perez et al 2013 INIVITPV2011AAB AAB BIT Castro et al 2002 Williams AAA BIT Cejas et al 2011 CEMSA 3/4 AAB BIT Colmenares y Gimenez 2003 Williams AAA RITA Colmenares y Gimenez 2007 Harton Gig AAB RITA Escalona et al 2003 CEMSA 3/4 AAB BIT Gimenez y Colmenares 2004 Williams AAA BIT Matsumoto y Brandao 2002 Maca AAB BIT Lemos et al 2001 Terra AAB?
It was a joint production between CEMSA and the Caproni aircraft company, and featured a very advanced mechanical specification.
CEMSA claimed that an oral agreement was reached in 1995 and it was paid a rebate for over a year.
The limited facts made available demonstrated to a majority of the tribunal that CEMSA had been treated in a less favorable manner than domestically owned resellers/exporters of cigarettes, a de facto discrimination by the Mexican Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (Secretaria de Hacienda y Credito Publico, hereinafter SHCP), which is inconsistent with Mexico's obligations under Article 1102 of NAFTA.
(127) In particular, rebates were applied only to cigarette producers but were denied to resellers such as CEMSA, (128) the company owned and controlled by Mr.
The Cemsa could have been another Alfa Romeo if things had gone differently for the Caproni aircraft company after the Second World War.
Designed by Professor Antonio Fessa, the Cemsa was produced as a joint venture between Costruzioni Elettromeccanisc he SA of Saronno, which was responsible for mechanical components, and the Caproni aircraft company of Taliedo, which made the bodywork.
Cigarette manufacturers declined to sell to CEMSA and other exporters; leading CEMSA to buy its cigarettes from volume retailers (VRs).
In 1998, the Mexican Taxation Agency, the Secretaria de Hacienda y Credito Publica (SHCP) audited CEMSA. The SHCP decided that CEMSA had incorrectly received IEPS tax rebates between January 1996 and September 1997.
The dispute involved CEMSA's tremulous relations with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit ("SHCP").