CEN-SADCommunauté des Etats Sahélo-Sahariens (French: Economic Community of Sahelo-Sahelian Countries)
CEN-SADCommunity of Sahelo-Saharan States
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Ibani, who was receiving the letters of credence from the Ambassadors of Egypt, Sudan and Tunisia as permanent representatives of their countries to the General Secretariat of CEN-SAD in Tripoli, said Libya has emerged as the leading country of the organisation and has a relevant vision for reviving this regional structure.
CEN-SAD gained observer status at the UN General Assembly in 2001 and concluded association and cooperation accords with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and with UN specialized agencies and institutions such as UNDP, WHO, UNESCO, FAO, and the Permanent Interstate Committee for drought control in the Sahel.
Members of the committee are the Chadian Minister of Foreign Affairs who is the president of CEN-SAD, the Secretary of the Libyan General Popular Committee of External Relations and International Cooperation, the Foreign Affairs Ministers of Mali and Eritrea and the General Secretariat of the CEN-SAD.
Today, the CEN-SAD community needs to promote South-South cooperation based on complementarity, brotherhood and solidarity, Abbas El Fassi said, affirming that Morocco has adhered to these values and is devoted to them.
CEN-SAD refutes all accusations against President Bashir," Al-Azhari said.
Summary: Speaking at the 13th Summit of the CEN-SAD Community (Sahel-Saharan states) on Thursday in the Chadian capital N'Djamena, the Leader of the Revolution Muammar Gaddafi said the establishment of African Unity is a requirement by the power of the African Union Constitution.
The signing ceremony was attended by the Secretaries of the GPCs of Health and Environment, Utilities, and the Secretary of Cooperation Affairs at the Foreign Liaison Bureau, the Secretary of CEN-SAD, the Secretary of the Libyan People's Bureau in Chad and the Chadian Ambassador, as well as several experts from both countries.
Dans le meme sens, la CEN-SAD retient comme actions prioritaires la securite et l'autosuffisance alimentaires, le developpement des infrastructures et l'amelioration de la connectivite afin de promouvoir la libre circulation des personnes, des biens et des services.
Summary: The CEN-SAD summit held in Chad on Thursday backed Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir against the International Criminal Court (ICC) and rejected "all accusations" against him.
AaAaAa Besides expressing concern over the situation in Somalia, the CEN-SAD members deplored the situation prevailing in the North of Mali and Niger and commended the improvement of the political situation in CE[sup.
Les chefs de la diplomatie de CEN-SAD se trouvent, pour ainsi dire, devant des problemes epineux, lors de cette session extraordinaire.
The meeting will turn on several issues mainly security and politics in the CEN-SAD region, as well as the formation, action and remit of its economic, social and cultural council.