CENDECenter for Democracy and Elections (Liberia)
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The "rich blacksmith's daughter" cast the thought of dotted Swiss behind her, and elected to follow Rebecca in cheesecloth as she had in higher matters; straightway devising costumes that included such drawing of threads, such hemstitching and pin-tucking, such insertions of fine thread tatting that, in order to be finished, Rebecca's dress was given out in sections,--the sash to Hannah, waist and sleeves to Mrs.
Maggie laid a hand on the bosom of her cheesecloth waist.
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Besides the market trends and updated regulation analysis from government & association leaders, the main forum also contained excellent speeches from Nanjing 1912 Group, JF Funds, Beijing Glory Properties, Cendes Architecture, Power Dekor Group, IMG3Landscape Design, Treasury Holding, J&J Assets, K11 Concepts, TCBL, MAYHO Architecture Design, PKF Investment Consulting, SRE, SUNLAY Design, MG2 Architecture Design, Jerde, Winson, RTKL, BENOY and Callison; the commercial elite leadership containedexclusive presentations from Taubman Shopping Centers, Ginwa Group, Novo Mania, Red Star Macalline, Shenzhen Wan Xiang Ren He Investment Management, South Beauty Group, Watsons and Mango (China).
Las investigaciones en torno de la Politica toman cuerpo en producciones publicadas en la Revista de Ciencias Sociales (Costa Rica), seguidas de Gestion Politica y Publica (Mexico), Cuadernos del CENDES (Venezuela), Revista Venezolana de Analisis de Coyuntura (Venezuela), Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Sociales y Politicas (Mexico), entre otras.
CARR ZOLTAN & MARIE E CENDES 09/25/2009 $1,375,000
Lopes CF, Cendes F, Piovesana AM, Torres F, LopesCendes I, Montenegro MA, et al.
Cendes was the first microwave engineer to develop the finite-element technique using edge elements in the solution of the vector wave equation.
1,2] Studies by Gloor and Cendes implicate the role of the amygdala in the dysfunctional states of emotion and memory.
Gambardella A, Beutens DC, Andermann F, Cendes F, et al.
Varios de los venezolanos que se vincularon al SPRU, mas tarde se concentraron en el CENDES en Caracas, donde fundaron el Area de Ciencia y Tecnologia en 1975, en el marco de un Convenio CENDES-CONICIT que duro diez anos, para la formacion de recursos humanos de alto nivel en el area, con vistas a proporcionar personal capacitado para el Estado y la sociedad.