CENDICommerce, Energy, NASA, NLM, Defense and Interior
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The CENDIs receive government funding and the program description states that it "emerged as the Mexican government's response to hundreds of working women who were demanding childcare centers where they could leave their children while they were working.
CENDIs exist throughout the country but are primarily located in urban areas.
The 1-day conference, titled Semantic Search: Fact or Myth, was co-sponsored by CENDI, NFAIS, and FLICC (Federal Library and Information Center Committee).
Cole is also the co-chair of CENDI Copyright Working Group, which has pulled together senior scientific and technical information officers from 12 federal agencies to review copyright restrictions.
A former president of ASIST, she is currently secretariat director of CENDI, a federal scientific and technical information managers' group.
One positive sign, however, is that NSF is now a CENDI (http://www.
gov service sponsored by CENDI offers deep Web searching with Google-style capabilities.
Support for building the gateway came from CENDI, an interagency committee of federal science and technology information program managers.
CENDI, a coordinating group for federal information agencies
I'll mention most of them chronologically for those interested in nostalgia: The Weinberg Report, the Baker Panel, The Crawford Panel, COSATI, NSF, Office of Science & Technology, the Rockefeller Report, OSTP, CENDI, ARPA, The High Performance Computing and Communications Initiative, and the NII.
Issues CENDI is grappling with are duplication of effort; overlapping sources, gaps, competition with the information industry; information analysis; quality; and standards.