CENICommission Electorale Nationale Independante (French: Independent National Electoral Commission; Burkina Faso)
CENICommunity Evaluation Northern Ireland (volunteer support; UK)
CENICertificados Negociables de Inversión (Banco Central de Nicaragua)
CENICommand, Example and Necessary Inference (religious doctrine)
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Frederic Trojani, Executive Vice President Government Programs at Gemalto, added, "Gemalto supported CENI in creating a modern voter register that can underpin democratic elections and for which secure voter registration is a critical step.
CENI came under heavy criticism in December when it announced the results of the presidential poll, which was held on the same day as the parliamentary elections.
Gemalto has provided CENI with the benefits of a single source, end-to-end secure solution that upgrades Guinea's existing voter registration system and processes.
Last week, the vice-chairperson of CENI, Spes-Caritas Ndironkeye, and Illuminata Ndabahagamye in charge of administration and finance fled Burundi amid raging protests against president's efforts for re-election.
The CENI has so far resisted opening its vote count to independent scrutiny.
Provisional results were originally not expected until Tuesday, but the CENI decided to release early returns on Friday, saying it wanted to staunch the flood of rumours and false reports about the count.
The run-off between the two leaders of June's first round has been delayed for weeks by street violence between rival political factions and a dispute over the leadership of CENI.
Composed of 17 members, 5 from parliamentary majority party (RPT), 5 parliamentary opposition (3 from the UFC and 2 from the CAR), 3 from the extra parliamentary opposition, 3 from civil society, and 1 representing the government, the CENI was supposed to be independent of political influence.
The new list will bring the December 2, 2012 elections ever closer to the people directly," said Barthelemy Kere, President of CENI.
FreeFair DRC calls on the CENI and international institutions monitoring the elections to send observers to meet the cargo planes and verify that the ballots are not pre-prepared.
The Election Commission, known as CENI, pledged that all eligible citizens will be able to exercise their right to vote.
Foumba Kourouma, a member of CENI, said authorities would hold further talks on Thursday.