CENICCorporation for Education Network Initiatives in California
CENICCentro Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas (Cuba)
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Four Innovations on Networking Awards are given annually by CENIC to highlight exemplary innovations that leverage ultra high-bandwidth networking, particularly where those innovations have the potential to revolutionize the ways in which instruction and research are conducted, or where they further the deployment of broadband in underserved areas.
Responsible for training over 20,000 professional and squad designated linguists in the military in addition to general purpose forces, DLIFLC opted to reach across service branch boundaries to the NPS - already a CENIC Associate - about leveraging the campus's CENIC capabilities to enhance their language instruction and help them meet the military's need for qualified linguists, currently at an all-time high.
LOS ANGELES -- National LambdaRail (NLR) and the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) announced that they have agreed that CENIC would become the provider of Network Operations Center (NOC) services to NLR.
We selected Level 3 as our field services provider because of the company's competitive pricing, service availability in all our required geographical areas, and the broad services Level 3 offers," said Jim Dolgonas, chief operations officer for CENIC.
He succeeds Jim Dolgonas as Chief Executive Officer, who joined CENIC in 2002 and guided the corporation to its current position of global prominence.
Also being recognized for the Outstanding Individual Contribution award for 2011 is Greg Scott, who has been a foundational member of the CENIC team since 2001, when he was hired to assist with the Optical Network Initiative.
CENIC designs, implements and operates CalREN, the California Research and Education Network, a high-bandwidth, high-capacity Internet network specially designed to meet the unique requirements of these communities, and to which the vast majority of the state's K-20 educational institutions are connected.
California's education and research communities leverage their networking resources under CENIC to obtain cost-effective, high-bandwidth networking to support their missions and respond to the needs of faculty, staff, and students.
CENIC designs, implements, and operates CalREN, a high- bandwidth, high-capacity Internet network specially designed to meet the unique requirements of California's K- 20 research and education communities.
100-Gigabit networking is new standard for data-intensive research and education, and workshops like these are necessary to understand the way ahead, not only in terms of network design, but also to make sure that applications, facilities, and researchers themselves are prepared to take as much advantage of ultra-high-performance networks as possible," said CENIC President and CEO Louis Fox.
In fact, Gartner's 2003 report on this subject estimated a $376 billion increase in gross state product and 2 million additional jobs as a result of implementing the CENIC "Gigabit or Bust" initiative.
a facilities- based provider of metropolitan data transport services, has signed a dark fiber agreement with CENIC (the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California), a non-profit corporation founded by California's public and private universities.