CENIDHCentro Nicaragüense para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (Spanish: Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights Defense)
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More than a week after the killings, Valle made her way to the capital, Managua, to share her story with CENIDH, which helped her file formal complaints with the police, the national prosecutor's office, and the Army.
CENIDH is demanding a formal investigation of the La Cruz de Rm Grande massacre, as it's come to be known.
Regardless of whether the victims were common criminals, political outlaws, or innocent bystanders, CENIDH and others rights advocates argue, they ought to have been detained rather than simply gunned down.
CENIDH has also been keeping close tabs on unfolding events in Rancho Grande, in the central department of Matagalpa, where B2Gold is hoping to open yet another major mine.
places where the trees have for the most part not been cut down," Jose Antonio Rivera Torrea, a local pastor, explained in a report issued that same month by CENIDH.
Now it's back, say groups like the CENIDH, which point to the mob members' clothing (Sandinista T-shirts) and mode of transportation (municipal-owned vehicles) as clear evidence of FSLN involvement in the attack.
The week's events also seemed to confirm what both CENIDH and Amnesty International (AI) argued in their most recent annual reports (NotiCen, June 20, 2013): that Nicaragua's Policia National is becoming increasingly partisan to the Sandinistas, which already dominates municipal politics, has a sizeable majority in the country's unicameral legislature, and also holds sway over the Corte Suprema de Justicia (CSJ).
Lewites asked CENIDH for protection not only for himself, but also for supporters Ruiz, Carrion, and Victor Tirado, all ex-comandantes.