CENPESCentro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento Leopoldo A Miguez de Mello (Petrobras Research Centre, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
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During the next 15 years, there was a department responsible for the CENPES BR - Chevron partnership aiming to facilitate the technology transfer and optimize capability accumulation.
Petrobras also has its own research centre, CENPES (Centro de Pesquisas e Desnvolvimento Leopoldo A.
Efeito de Um Programa de Treinamento Fisico Desenvolvido no Espaco Bem Estar do CENPES / PETROBRAS na Pressao Arterial em Hipertensos Nao- Medicados.
(2) Petrobras Research Center (CENPES), Cidade Universitaria, Q.7, llha do Fundao, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
* This project was sponsored by Petrobras, Petroleo Brasileiro S.A., through PRAVAP-14 program, and coordinated by Cenpes Research Center.
From this Table, three key considerations were identified: 1) strategic fit, which is incorporated by Celanese, DuPont, Exfo Engineering, and Cooper; 2) financial issues, which are mentioned by all five organizations and Cooper; and 3) risk, which is considered by Celanese, Cooper, CENPES, and Lucent/Bell Laboratories.
Prognosticos tecnologicos como atividade complementar do planejamento: a experiencia do CENPES em aguas profundas.
Miguez de Mello - CENPES / PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil 21945-970
I visited their new pipeline control center in downtown Rio and CENPES, their impressive research center, located several miles north of downtown.
CENPES, the Petrobras Research & Development Center in Rio de Janeiro, was contacted by the Coati Storage and Loading Terminal and a team of specialists went to the Urucu Unit to collaborate in recovery of the pig.