CENRCommittee on Environment and Natural Resources
CENRCentro Educativo Nuevo Renacimiento (Spanish: New Renaissance Education Center)
CENRCommittee on Environmental and Natural Resources (OSTP)
CENRCommittee on Energy and Natural Resources (US Senate)
CENRCommittee on Earth and Natural Resources (NSTC)
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Additionally, sustained support for CEnR, which includes capacity building of all partners, allows projects to address environmental health disparities in vulnerable populations, such as Latino, Native American, African American, and low-socioeconomic-status communities.
Community-engaged research (CEnR) is a means of drawing on the expertise and resources of communities that has proven effective in improving health outcomes among racial and ethnic group members (Two Feathers et al., 2005).
CENR (Committee on Environment and Natural Resources of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy's National Science and Technoloy Council) sustainable ecosystem initiative is based on submissions from the NOAA strategic planning teams for the '00 budget.
Asked how managing to put them back on would feel, 29.1 per cenr said it would be better than sex, 28.9 per cent thought it would beat a promotion, 20.6 per cent believed it would top a best friend's wedding, 20.3 per cent said it would feel better than a lottery win and 11.1 per cent
Atlantic and Gulf waters was also noted by the HEED program and, indeed, a recent review (CENR 2000) concluded that the effects of harmful algal blooms in the U.S.
The President's Office of Science and Technology Policy oversees federal global change research through the National Science and Technology Council's Committee on Environment and Natural Resources (CENR).
The broad environmental problems defined by the SBI have been embraced in subsequent recommendations and long-range plans for research in the coastal zone (JOI, 1990; CENR, 1994; Naiman et al., 1995; NRC, 1992, 1994a, b, c, d, 1995a; NSF, 1992, 1993; NOAA, 1993, 1995a).
Belza and the police forces of Hinatuan Municipal Police Station (MPS) and Lingig MPS," Specialist CENR Officer Sabornido said.
Alicer on Wednesday ordered Bunawan CENR Officer Achilles Ebron to conduct a thorough investigation on the operations of timber poachers in the southern tip of the province.