CENROCommunity Environment and Natural Resources Office
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The Environment and Management Bureau (EMB) and Mines Geo-Sciences Bureau (MGB) have hired additional personnel to be posted in the PENRO and CENRO offices with active mining activities to augment the personnel in the operation," the region's DENR 13 RPAO chief said.
In Zambales, the surveyor, the mayor and CENRO official seem to be related too.
He said often the inventory is delayed because of the absence of personnel from CENRO to conduct the inventory.
Cimatu said he would strengthen the working force of the CENRO by deploying more personnel and hiring of more lawyers to assist the field offices in the enforcement of environmental laws.
The suspects were caught throwing away several boxes of Chelsea, King, and Marvel - all cigarette brands under Marvel Corp, said CENRO chief Bernardo Amurao.
The confiscated lumber had a combined volume of 2050 board feet and as estimated value of P102,500, says CENRO Quiwag.
The Community Environment and Natural Resources in southern Antique has inaugurated its new office in Belison, now called CENRO Belison.
Majority cities in the country including new ones have their community environment and natural resources office or CENRO, but this decades-old city does not have one, Juanday averred.
Guesting at the I-Speak Media Forum earlier today (June 16) Orcullo said that the trees has been assessed by CENRO foresters and is indeed for cutting.
DENR Antique has likewise engaged the support of 33 peoples organizations who are maintaining nurseries for seedlings, including one school- based nursery of University of Antique and three Office-based nurseries in CENRO Culasi, CENRO Belison and PENRO in San Jose.
This newly inaugurated P5-million CENRO Bago office located at the 10,000 square meter property of the local government of Bago, sits right across the Bago River overlooking the Guimaras Straight and the coastal waters of nearby Pulupandan town.
This environmental awareness is related to coastal protection, encouraging residents to get involved in taking care of sea turtles hatching their eggs on the dry ground along the shore," said CENRO Katherine Muller of the coastal and forest resource management.