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CENSChina Economic News Service (online trade promotion resource; est. 1974; Taiwan)
CENSCenter for Embedded Networked Sensing (UCLA NSF)
CENSCenter for Embedded Networked Sensing
CENSCost of Energy Not Supplied
CENSCentre Nantais de Sociologie (French: Nantes Center of Sociology; University of Nantes; Nantes, France)
CENSCommunity Emergency Notification System (various locations)
CENSCentre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Seclay
CENSCustom Electronic Noise Suppressor (ear plugs)
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Bureaus can send CENS messages to an employee's OpenNet and personal e-mail accounts and to the phone numbers on the employee's emergency contact form.
OEM provides periodic CENS security user training to all bureaus in Washington, D.C., and in many domestic facilities nationwide.
CENS is managed jointly by OEM, A/EX/ITS, and IRM's Telecom, Wireless and Data Services unit.
GlobalPoint chief executive John Davidson said the link with Cens had made a huge difference.
"We simply could not afford that kind of research and development normally, so it's been extremely useful and I can see Cens as our long-term R&D partner."
Cens is a joint venture between Durham University and regional development agency One NorthEast via Cenamps, the Centre of Excellence for Nanotechnology, Micro & Photonic Systems.
The role played by CENS became more important than ever when the company went online in 1995, enabling it to serve as a more vital bridge between domestic manufacturers and overseas buyers via a platform that offers comprehensive information on Taiwan's industries and the products of its clients.
She said that D&B is very pleased to cooperate with CENS and voiced the belief that the new arrangement would further deepen its roots in Taiwan while helping CENS to better serve its clients via the D&B database.
CENS president Ringo Lee pointed out that CENS is regarded by manufacturers as a reliable trade promoter as well as a provider of economic and industrial news to some 15 professional media around the world, including Dow Jones, Reuters, and the Financial Times.
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