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CENSERCenter for Natural Sciences and Environmental Research (De La Salle University-Manila)
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The censer surfaced in an auction earlier this month, sent for sale by the family of Captain Harry L.
Her mother stood and put the censer, with fragrant smoke billowing from it, under her robe and said, "For married women only.
Censer with modelled feline head (taken from the web site of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, New York, Inventary NO.
This is followed by a night ritual with recitations addressed to Ninlil and the Wagon Star (Ursa Major), in which freshly ground flour is put onto a lit censer on the roof in the hope of a sign from the stars.
The Great Bendini swung a censer of smoking incense above and around the casket.
5 million to 20 million, adding that the censer board will be table in the assembly after the recommendation with artists.
Walking past the chips burning in mabkhara or censer gives you a feel of being in an exotic majlis, an Arab congregation with social connotations.
Ernest Dane, a businessman and art collector who graduated from Harvard University in 1892, and his wife donated the Qing Dynasty jade censer to the Fogg Museum in 1942.
Three censer bases, which date back to the Sassanian Dynasty (224-643 CE), have been unearthed during post-earthquake repairs in Bushehr province on the Persian Gulf coast.
A group of children with lit candles whispering continuously to one another picked the hot candle wax off their fingers and followed the pastor Balthasar Kranabeter, dressed in black and praying aloud, flanked by two acolytes in black and white who carried the censer and the hammered copper aspersorium.
Jared Censer, Washington lawyer for imprisoned USAID subcontractor Alan Gross, in a Nov.
In mass, he swings the censer and the incense stink stays.